You can now create visual novels on Dokific and read them with NetEase

Creating a mobile visual novel with Dokific

NetEase often makes the headlines in mobile gaming news for its big productions like Life After, Identity V or Onmyoji. However, the subject of their presence in this news is slightly different. It's not just about consuming video game content but about creating a mobile game. Thanks to the launch of its app Dokific, an app that makes it easy to create a visual novel and to take advantage of the novels already on the platform.

Create a visual novel for mobile on the Dokific app

Given the success of the visual novels genre, many of you may have wondered how to make one. Inexpensive to produce, these games are essentially narrative in nature and allow anyone to start creating an interactive story at a lower cost. Thanks to Dokific, both a design and reading tool, it is now possible to create your own visual novel with a clear interface and ambitious features.

Official Dokific characters to create your visual novel

In order to create your visual novel, you will simply need to download the Dokific application on Android or iOS for free. It is currently available in English and Thai only. Support for other languages does not yet seem to be in the pipeline, but English is the most practical language for this kind of game anyway. The application itself is still under development and will be regularly updated with new content and features.

A simplified and dynamic mobile game creation process

Once you have Dofikic installed, all you have to do is start creating your visual novel for mobile! The visual novel editor features tutorials on creating your first work, HD characters and environments, VFX and animation principles to help you create a beautifully finished story. In addition to the free creative edition, Dokific has paid options for players to unlock gameplay elements, such as additional items or storytelling.

Plus, you can easily find inspiration from the content already out there by browsing through online visual novels like Dating in Painting, The Glory of Desolated Planet (Hot) or Rose Flame if you're wondering how to create your own visual novel and where to start. For more ideas, check out our top mobile visual novels.

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