Danmachi Battle Chronicle release date finally announced

Release date of Danmachi Battle Chronicle in mobile game

Anime licenses are coming to mobile and Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon is no exception. In fact, the release date of Danmachi Battle Chronicle has just been announced on Android. There will also be an iOS version but it will come later. After the Memoria Freese game, the famous dungeon crawler license is coming back to mobile games with the Battle Chronicle pre-registrations.

A new Danmachi mobile game to test soon!

The new Danmachi mobile game was already revealed in the Danmachi Battle Chronicle trailer in January. Revealed for the 10-year anniversary of the franchise, which began its journey as a light novel, the title was not yet scheduled for an international release at the time. However, the game's development was already in its final stages.

Meanwhile, pre-registration for Danmachi Battle Chronicle has opened ahead of the release date. This will allow you to get bonus rewards at the launch of the game. On the gameplay side, expect to find the different fighting styles you know by controlling a trio of characters related to the mythological familias in different game modes, including an 8-player battle royale. To win, you must possess more magic stones than all your opponents.

Gameplay of the Danmachi Battle Chronicle mobile release

And, apart from the fights, the game will honor its anime with elaborate cinematics. If you already know the anime, you should know that this title has exclusive scenes. You can find more information about the release of Battle Chronicle from the official website provided by the publisher.

Danmachi Battle Chronicle release date worldwide

The release date of Danmachi Battle Chronicle is May 23, 2023 on all compatible Android devices. So it's the perfect time to pre-register for this new free-to-play anime mobile game! Besides, the title insists on the quality of its voice cast to offer a complete and enjoyable experience to fans of the anime.

Pre-register for Danmachi Battle Chronicle Android iOS

The release of Danmachi Battle Chronicle on mobile is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Orario in 3D and relive the story of Bell Cranel. Before the launch of the game, go and pre-register on Google Play. You will have to wait a little longer to access the pre-registration on Appstore.

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