Eden Eternal pre-registration opens before the worldwide release of the mobile MMORPG

Pre-registration for Eden Eternal mobile Android and iOS

Enter the colorful and NFT-laden world of Eden Eternal mobile pre-registration. This MMORPG from X-Legend Entertainment launches its official registration page to allow the mobile community to benefit from rewards when the game is released on Android and iOS. Find out how to pre-register for Eden Eternal, the rewards bonuses that await you and everything that has made the game a success since its creation on PC in 2011.

Preparing for the worldwide release of Eden Eternal on Android and iOS

The classic MMORPG Eden Eternal is preparing its release on mobile for all countries. For more than 10 years, the 5 races of the game (Human, Anuran, Ursun, Zumi and Halfkin who never age) have shared the fantasy realm of the game made by X Legend-Entertainment.

Release of Eden Eternal mobile and its map on Android and iOS

With this release on Android and iOS, Eden Eternal mobile will bring back memories for all its former players. The original game closed in April 2021 but is finally coming back to smartphones, with NFTs to boot. Guilds and different regions of the game are resurfacing like the good old days, and you can even get the exclusive NFT Alpaca's Great Adventure in the official giveaway until April 23.

How to pre-register for Eden Eternal on mobile?

Pre-registration for Eden Eternal mobile has just opened and you want to be one of the first players to test the MMORPG from X-Legend Entertainment? The solution to join the list of players at launch is very simple. You just have to pre-register to Eden Eternal on the official website of the game. On this dedicated page, you just have to enter your email address and confirm your participation to the pre-registration. Moreover, you will be able to use an alpaca mount for 2 people by completing the registration process.

Then, you will have to wait until the release date of Eden Eternal to play it! There is no official release date yet, but the announcement shouldn't be too long.

Eden Eternal mobile NFT game pre-registration

If you want to accumulate more rewards, you can also invite other players to pre-register like you. By referring another player, you will get rewards if they add their email to the list.

  • For every 1 guest player, you will receive 10x Safety Stones;
  • For 5 invited players
  • And for every 10 players invited, you will receive the Back Acc. Alpacas' Team Banner x1.

There are also plenty of other MMORPGs to try out on mobile such as Tower of FantasyAlbion Online, Bless Global, ArcheAge War or Summoners War: Chronicles. You have many worlds to explore in multiplayer on Android and iOS before the global release of Eden Eternal mobile, so enjoy!

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