Honkai: Star Rail released on Android and iOS

Honkai Star Rail Android iOS PC release

The new gacha RPG created by HoYoverse has finally arrived on our phones. For the release of Honkai Star Rail on Android, iOS and PC, we offer you a tour of the gameplay, story and specificities of this title within the Honkai license. We tell you everything about the international launch of HSR.

Is HSR in the direct line of Honkai Impact 3rd ?

You may already know the Honkai license thanks to Honkai Impact 3rd. In fact, HSR takes the codes of its predecessor with slower combat mechanics. We had been able to test Honkai Star Rail before its release on tablet at Gamescom in August 2022 and discover quite early this change for fights at turn-based with a more classic team composition for the gachas.

The game's story also integrates with the sci-fi universe of the first opus. So if you liked the first game, you'll love to try HSR on Android, iOS and PC. The new crossplatform game from Hoyoverse (like Genshin Impact) will even have a Playstation version later on.

Space history and exploration for the release of Honkai Star Rail

Available now on all compatible phones and PCs, HSR is a galactic RPG in its own right. Upon its release, Honkai Star Rail offers you to embark on a space journey guided by the Astral Express train line that fears neither gravity nor solar flares. In-game, explore vast environments with labyrinths and numerous interactive objects that will make you raise questions about the order of the universe.

Screenshot gameplay release Honkai Star Rail

As a player, you play as a character equipped with a Stellaron implant. You discover the galaxy that opens up to you with all its worlds, characters and stories mixed in the heart of space from the space station Herta. Your peregrinations will lead you to beautiful places, accompanied by various characters on a quest between immortality and Cancer of the Worlds, all aboard a cosmic train.

All information about the game's lore is available on the official website of the publisher.

Gift codes for the release of HSR!

Upon release, Honkai Star Rail rewards its most avid players with gift codes to unlock in-game bonus items. Launch promo codes to enter on your HSR account:


Find the complete list of Honkai Star Rail codes in our dedicated article.

The release of Honkai Star Rail worldwide

For its launch, Honkai Star Rail has gone all out with the Astral Express Gobal Tour and its activities around the world. However, HoYoverse does not intend to stop there. Celebrating the release of Honkai Star Rail, many booths will be visible at major international anime and gaming shows. In July, HSR will be at the Anime Expo 2023 in the middle of Los Angeles but also at the Japan Expo 2023 in Paris and the Gamers Con in Taipei. The festivities will continue until September with the Gamescom 2023 in Cologne in August and the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Even if you can't go there and enjoy the atmosphere, you can still download Honkai Star Rail on Google Play and Appstore for free. By the way, we're preparing HSR guides to boost your progress!

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