Mobile Games News Recap #119: Waven mobile, ToG NW, Snowbreak Containment Zone...

July mobile games news round-up

In this issue 119, we talk about Waven, Ankama's new strategy game, as well as adaptations such as the gacha RPG Tower of God New World, the release of Danmachi Battle Chronicle and a whole host of other mobile gaming news. Discover a maximum of Android and iOS gaming news in a single summary every week.

Release of Tower of God: New World on Android and iOS

Let's start this recap with the release of Tower of God: New World, a new gacha RPG in the Tower universe. The webtoon with 6 billion views is getting a second mobile RPG in 2023, published by Netmarble for a free-to-play revisit of the original story of Bam, Rak and Khun on Android and iOS.

You know the drill: create your composition, collect characters, optimize your synergies and improve your heroes by grinding through the main story as well as the various game modes. And if you're a fan of Korean animation, Tower of God New World 's colorful battles are just what you need for your adventures.

Release of Danmachi Battle Chronicle on August 24

In addition to the Tower of God webtoon, the Danmachi manga gets a new mobile game adaptation with the release of Danmachi Battle Chronicle, the latest title in the Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon series. Postponed several times, the game's worldwide release will finally take place on August 24 in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Pre-registration for the game is still open on Android to obtain rewards bonuses upon release.

The gacha RPG will soon roll out its trio of characters from all the mythological familias. You can then test your compositions skills in various game modes, such as 8-player BR, and enjoy the story with cinematics and visuals from the manga.

Early access to Waven on August 16 before the mobile release

Our French colleagues at Ankama are gearing up for a new release. At JeuMobi, we recommended that you try Dofus Touch to complete your library of mobile games, but the next game from the Ankama Games studio hasn't convinced us as yet. In any case, the tactical RPG Waven will be available in early access on PC and Mac from August 16.

In-game, the emphasis is on strategic field placement and dimension. The whole game is based on Ankama's experience with Dofus combat. In terms of content, this early access on Steam gives access to 3 founding packs in the store, 250 quests planned, 17 major locations to explore and numerous heroes, companions and spells for your quest for greatness. In addition to its early free-to-play release on Steam, Waven will also be released on Android and iOS before the end of the year.

Release of Snowbreak Containment Zone

The sci-fi shooter Snowbreak Containment Zone is out on stores this July 20. In this 3rd-person action game, you can try out a variety of anime characters with different skills, the gacha system and guns. The developers of Amazing Seasun send you into battle. You take on the role of an operator with a unique style of play throughout the main campaign and side missions. Over a million players pre-registered for the launch, so don't hesitate to join the movement.

Closed beta access to Reverse 1999 before global launch

Bluepoch Games will soon be releasing a global version of its strategic RPG Reverse 1999. The title has already won over its target audience in China and will enter closed beta from August 15 to 30 on Android, iOS and PC for 1,500 players. In Reverse 1999, a supernatural phenomenon called "the Storm" distorts time for everyone except the character Vertin.

The story takes you on a quest through time, Doctor Who-style. In this uchronistic version of the 20th century, the Arcanists who master magic share power, and you'll have to investigate the Tempest to better understand the world of Reverse 1999, even if the title doesn't yet have a worldwide release date.

Closing dates: Valiant Force 2 on November 30 and Destiny Child on September 21

This week's roundup includes a small closures segment, which has become almost a tradition since the start of the year. Two games have announced that they will be closing their doors. Firstly, Destiny Child from developer ShiftUp will close on September 21, as the game has run out of steam after 7 years of success.

And, as most gacha RPGs require a constant effort of updates, content additions and balancing, it's wiser to bid farewell to Destiny Child this fall. The second game to bid farewell is Valiant Force 2. After 7 months of life, the strategic RPG has finally decided to close its servers on November 30, 2023.

Strikers 1945: RE by Com2Us is now available for pre-registration

Korean publisher Com2Us is rolling out games in all directions. This week, it's the vertical scroll shooter Strikers 1945 RE that lands for pre-registration on Android via Google Play. With no information on an iOS release for the moment, we'll have to make do with the game's rewards release bonuses. The title is based on the original Strikers 1945 game, which sees you create your own aerial fighter to take down enemy aircraft.

As soon as the game is released, you'll be able to choose your units from the shop, with a varied style of play driven by famous jets such as the AV-8 Harrier, F-4 Phantom, or F-22. Strikers 1945 RE will offer a variety of features, with daily missions, offline patrol and multiple campaign scenarios to try out. We'll keep you posted on a potential release date.

Release of Brixity on August 24, a mobile city simulation from the creators of CRK

A little UFO among the galaxy of games from Korean developer Dev Sisters, Brixity is finally gearing up for its international launch on August 24. Created by their Studio Kingdom, Brixity imposes its style of colorful city simulation and management on Android and iOS. The kawaii-graphic sandbox builds on the expertise of the successful Cookie Run: Kingdom to make gameplay both chill and addictive. On the official website, Studio Kingdom teases a Brix by Brix construction of your own city over the ruins of the ravaged Earth 500 years earlier.

You'll establish your architectural vision with the help of the Pipos, and can even explore the city alongside them to get to know them and live a moment in your creation. As far as getting started is concerned, we already know that the title works with blueprints to share, so you can quickly build anything from a simple design to the most complex skyscraper. The NPCs' stories are linked to and evolve with Brixity 's, and you'll find out all about them when the game is released on August 24. In the meantime, it's time to pre-register for early access!

HoYoverse fights back against cheat sellers

HoYoverse has been attacking cheaters all spring. Summer is dedicated to cheat sellers Genshin Impact. The Chinese studio is committed to fighting all those who try to harm the original gaming experience. In partnership with the Xuhui police force, HoYoverse is doing its utmost to put virtual malefactors behind bars IRL.

The individuals suspected of selling cheats, Zhang and Xie, are being held on charges of damaging computer systems. HoYoverse also encourages players to report sellers and avoid cheats at all costs. A similar case occurred last year, with 3 individuals arrested after an investigation by the Chinese studio for similar acts. Game breakers are no laughing matter.

Release of Return to Monkey Island

The famous Guybrush Threepwood will be bringing his blade and sharp words to Android and iOS with the release of Return to Monkey Island, priced at 10 euros. Return to Monkey Island with all the iconic characters from the franchise, including the courageous Elaine, the pirate Le Chuck, the Scum Bar boozers and the skull Murray.

But this ultimate opus also brings a wave of new characters and ridiculous but unforgettable scenes, just the way we like them. Available only in English, Return to Monkey Island is a must-have point-and-click adventure. I've just finished it and loved it, even if the ending left me... wanting more.

Ares Rise of the Guardians to be released in Korea soon

The biggest regional exclusive in this round-up is the release of Ares Rise of the Guardians by Kakao Games, an MMORPG for South Korea only. We can still hope for a worldwide launch in the years to come if the game is successful, but nothing has been announced by the publisher on that front. As a warrior of the future, each player is invited to defend the solar system in the year 3400.

First revealed in May 2022 with a short trailer, Ares Rise of the Guardians has since unveiled new images of alien creatures, space and tactical combat, on land and in the air, multiplayer adventures in groups of 4 to 30 members and different classes with their specific kit. Even if it's not planned for our regions, those armed with a VPN and a Korean dictionary will be able to explore it.

NetEase claims $42 million from Blizzard

Blizzard is constantly in the news in 2022 and 2023. This time, it's not for its acquisition by Microsoft. It's its battle with NetEase that is taking a new turn, as a lawsuit looms on the horizon for an amount claimed by the Chinese publisher and developer of 42 million euros. As we reported in March, when the tensions between the two entities were widely publicized, NetEase Games believes that Blizzard Entertainment breached contractual clauses when it interrupted their partnership for the publication, development and maintenance of Blizzard games in China.

300 million yuan, or more than 40 million euros, remain to be paid for cash advances on game development, compensation for service stoppages and unsold merchandise. The case will be heard in court in Shanghai on September 21. Some European studios are concerned about the precedent this could set in commercial relations between Chinese entities and the rest of the world for future video game collaborations.

Builderment to be released on Android on August 8

On August 8, you can test your ability to organize a factory in Builderment. Each product is transported, modified and mixed with others to create increasingly complex recipes.

This poses a mind-bending challenge to create the most optimized production line in your factory. The resources you process will then be teleported from your planet to Earth to keep it alive, so there's no question of playing dumb. You'll also be able to upgrade the factory and carry out research, but more on that when the game is released on August 8!

Release of Evil Awakening II: Erebus

If you're a fan of the genre, I suggest you check out our top MM ORPGs on the channel after this recap to find what you're looking for. This week, Evil Awakening II: Erebus hits the stores.

With its old-school 2D isometric visuals and portrait mode, the title knows its classics well: you choose your class, you level up by bashing mob, you stuff yourself, you gain skills alone or with other players, you face bosses and creatures in the dungeons and, above all, you do all this with a maximum of auto mode. For those of you digging deep into the store shelves to test everything, another MMORPG is entering the arena.

Grand Cross Age of Titans pre-registration

Sometimes we get a little lost in pre-registration, soft launch, beta, early access and all the official studio releases, but it looks like Grand Cross Age of Titans is launching its full pre-registration this week, after early access and before full release.

For the moment, Netmarble's strategic MMORPG has presented nothing new, and is set to continue the classic formula of collecting warrior characters, organizing armies and using large-scale maps for in-server PvP. Initially scheduled for release in August, Grand Cross Age of Titans may finally live up to its promise of a summer launch, given the timing of the pre-registration announcement.

Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out to be released on PC and mobile on August 21

Sharpen your flints and your political strategy, because Six Ages 2 Lights Coming Out will land on PC and mobile on August 21. All text-based management with magnificent illustrations, this title promises to make you a clan leader, capable of managing internal and external conflicts, sheep-sharing disputes or natural disasters. Six Ages 2 Lights Coming Out is both a strategic and narrative title, in the style of books where you are the hero, but with a whole tribe in the hero's place. Bitlife fans have found their next challenge before the start of the new school year.

Valorant Mobile development progresses well

Last January, we learned that development of Valorant Mobile had slowed down after two years' work. This time, an interview with staff members Riot Games at Esports Insider explains that development is continuing and progressing very well, but that it will be a while before we know the game's release date. We'll have a mobile Valorant , but it's going to take some time.

Tencent acquires Techland

Tencent 's titanic enterprise continues to devour everything in its path. This week, it acquired a majority stake in Techland, the creators of Dying Light and Dead Island. The Chinese giant never stops, and remains an owner, majority shareholder or important member of key industry companies such as Funcom, Riot Games or Supercell.

Release of Minigame: Party Pocket Edition

Another new Com2Us game this week. The Korean publisher launches Minigame: Party Pocket Edition with 13 mini-games and the return of the license's kawai characters. Collect animals, customize them and blow up the score in each mini-game with intuitive, single-finger-on-screen gameplay. Minigame: Party Pocket Edition is available as a free-to-play game, and also invites you to challenge your friends with its guild system.

Release of Master of Knights: Seven Trial

Publisher Neowiz finally rolls out its Master of Knights: Seven Trial match-3. For those who pre-registered with one of our recaps, it's time to pick up your rewards bonuses in this RPG at turn-based. In-game, you'll place heroes on a 5-square grid and plan your attack and defense based on your positioning.

You'll also need to use your spell cards wisely to defend the continent of Lemuria from the four Elders. Master of Knights: Seven Trial also earns you rewards idle and features the usual auto mode.

News zapping

Several major news items didn't get a full segment in the recap, but I'll take a look at some of them in a quick zap.

  • This week, we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Guardian Tales and the 5th of the two games MapleStory M and Left to Survive;
  • The puzzle game A Monster's Expedition has been released by Apple Arcade and is now normally available on iOS for 10 euros ;
  • According to leaks, the EA Sports FC Mobile beta could start very soon in August ;
  • The revisited chess game Family Chess is available on iOS for 2 euros ;
  • The Marvel Snap Conquerors event will bring together content creators on August 1 for competitive games ;
  • Rec Room continues its collaboration with Mattel to offer Barbie and Ken outfits;
  • The racing game Velocity Vortex Racing will soon be released on iOS ;
  • Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds gets a big weapon release and boss world update;
  • Binding of Isaac DLC launches on iOS;
  • Tower of Fantasy has been merging servers since July 25;
  • Alan Walker is increasingly committed to collaborating on PUBG Mobile Esports events;
  • A Clash of Clans player is promoted to Legend without ever having attacked with his village;
  • We take a look at the gameplay of Underworld Gang Wars before its release;
  • A partnership spills demon blood between Free Fire x Demon Slayer.

That's the end of review number 119, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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