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Mobile games news at the end of September JeuMobi

In this issue 126, we talk about the release of the RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods, as well as Ghost Detective in Netflix , an interactive visual novel, the arrival of Inazuma Eleven Victory Road and the new game from the Cookie Run license, aka Tower of Adventures, plus a whole host of other mobile gaming news. Discover a maximum of Android and iOS gaming news in a single summary every week.

Launch of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a quality RPG for phones

Dragonheir: Silent Gods has just been released on iOS, Android and PC to very positive reviews from the mobile gaming community. Find out all about this ambitious RPG with its incredible finishing touches in our dedicated article, which presents the game's gameplay and links for immediate free-to-play testing!

Ghost Detective released as a Netflix game

This week, Netflix appropriates a new game for its list of premium titles available by subscription on phones. Ghost Detective arrives in a casual and relaxing format that mixes objects to find in the scenery, match-3, clue analysis and decision making in visual novel mode. In Ghost Detective, you play the ghost of a murdered investigator in the field. In the midst of New Orleans, an area historically known for being haunted, meet people, investigate and solve the mystery of your own death. Ghost Detective is available now on Android and iOS.

Captain Tsubasa Ace prepares a global test before its release

The creators of Dragon Quest The Adventures of Dai: A Hero's Bonds are preparing the launch of another game via a worldwide test phase: Captain Tsubasa Ace. In game, the anime is transformed into an interactive 3D soccer simulation with PvE, PvP and a roster loaded with iconic characters. There's no date yet for test , but we'll keep you posted so you don't miss a moment of Captain Tsubasa Ace.

The Cookie Run license is in full expansion. We've known for several months now that 3 games will expand the world of the little cookies. We even got our first taste of Cookie Run: OverSmash and Cookie Run: Witch's Castle. But there was still a mysterious Project B to be revealed. Well, we finally know what's behind the mysterious name. Introducing Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures, a 3D adventure to be enjoyed solo or in multiplayer. Progress through a dangerous world of combat and multiplayer action as your favorite cookies. Your ultimate goal is to reach the top of the Pancake Tower by overcoming the challenges of each floor.

In terms of aesthetics, the game is very reminiscent of Supercell, but softer and sweeter. If you're interested in the game, you'll be able to play it at G-STAR 2023 from November 16 to 19 in Busan, South Korea. Even if you can't get your plane ticket, we'll have more details at that time!

Get ready for the release of this... chocolate nugget.

Breakers: Unlock the World announced for the Japanese market

After Tencent's announcement of Blue Protocol mobile last week, we weren't really expecting news of another major RPG anime. With Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy , not to mention the many other successes of the last five years, this category is already well-stocked.

However, Vic Games Studios has decided to do its bit by unveiling a trailer for BREAKERS: Unlock the World, which will be released later on Android, iOS and PC. Here, you play as a Breaker, an explorer unafraid to cross continental boundaries in search of God's Bookshop, a mystical place said to contain the knowledge accumulated with the division of the world of Seraphia by a conflict between angels. The graphics are top-notch, but we don't know much more about them yet.

BREAKERS: Unlock the World has no release date yet, and may even be reserved for the Japanese market, so don't get too excited.

Mononoke no Kuni announced for mobile, PC and consoles

Developers Studio Lights have just revealed their upcoming game Mononoke no Kuni, an isekai action RPG with anime graphics. Accompanied by your puppy Musashi, explore an open-world populated by bestial creatures and gods. Cultivate the land, travel from island to island on your boat, plunge into the depths of dungeons and repair the Omiwa altar to return to your home world. Not much more is known at present, although the PC version will be the first to be released, with a target release date of 2024.

Teasing for Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road with a maximum of trailers

With the Tokyo Game Show taking place this weekend, our news is populated with games from Asia, and that's no bad thing, but we'd like them to reach us without lengthy progressive launches, if you know what I mean. Among them, Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road made the headlines with a trailer focused on gameplay and handling unveiled by Level 5, in addition to a playable demo on site. Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road is still scheduled for release in 2023, showcasing its fascinating blend of 3D anime, soccer and strategic combos on the turf.

Pre-registration opens for Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter

Keplerians Horror Games is gearing up for the release of Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter with the opening of pre-registrations on Android. It should arrive soon on iOS too, but there's no release date yet, so there's no rush. In this ultimate opus, help the group of friends to get out of the Rod factory safely through mini-games, chases and escapes against Rod and the Nun. It's time to find a way out of the control room and finish the story for good in Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter.

Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge beta announced

Practice makes perfect. At least, that's what Battlesmiths Blade and Forge, which has just entered beta, seems to be saying. In this medieval fantasy simulation title, manage your village, gather your troops and go into battle to take on challenges and gain rewards and glory. The game features a narrative campaign, tactical combat and a comprehensive crafting system. If you'd like to try out Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge, the game is already available on Android in beta.

Hype and teasing for the release of Project Mugen

NetEase has been teasing Project Mugen for a long time, scattering bits of information and GIFs across social networks and its various websites. This week, the game finally gets a presentation video from the developers, with plenty of gameplay and explanations! On the whole, the game looks almost like a sandbox, with graphics close to those of Genshin Impact and a freedom similar to that of Dragon Raja. Project Mugen doesn't yet have a release date, but check out the full video if you're interested.

AFK Journey limited beta from Farlight Games

Farlight Games, creators of Rise of Kingdoms, Dislyte, Call of Dragons and AFK Arena have not said their last word when it comes to idle games. This week saw the release of their AFK Journey game in limited beta, available in the UK and the Philippines. As always with Falight, the graphics are a joy and the characters are well crafted, as we find the world of Esperia from AFK Arena in a new format.

In this visually storybook fantasy world, go on adventures, engage in tactical combat with card decks, collect heroes and solve puzzles in the lands around you. If AFK Arena has shown us anything about Farlight Games' strategy, it's that they know how to create interesting worlds and puzzles with a bit of challenge compared to what we find elsewhere, so I recommend you give AFK Journey a chance for its beta if you have access to it!

Monster Hunter Now surpasses 5 million downloads in just one week - and deservedly so!

Monster Hunter Now, the beast-hunting game, is a clear step up in Niantic's catalog. Stuck for a long time on its successes Ingress and Pokémon GO with a mediocre track record of success since, Niantic finally confirms the test with the release of Monster Hunter Now which exceeds 5 million downloads in one week, interesting gameplay for your outings and very positive feedback from players. Even my Palico is asking for more.

Walkscape, the hybrid between Runescape and a pedometer, goes on pre-registration

The mobile games market specializes in cocktails of strange games. This time, we're treated to Walkscape, the illegitimate child of Runescape and a pedometer. Far from the geolocation-based mechanics of Pokémon GO or Monster Hunter Now, Walkscape relies on your phone's data as a pedometer to count your steps and measure your activity.

As you walk, you accumulate experience and rewards to develop your characters, improve their stuff and explore the fantastic world of Walkscape ever further. You can pre-register on the game's official website for a chance to access the closed beta if you like this kind of application that gamifies your journeys.

One Punch Man World in closed beta on November 18

Following the opening of pre-registration in July, the mobile game One Punch Man World has kept a relatively low profile, finally entering closed beta on November 18. Thanks to a partnership between A PLUS JAPAN and Perfect World, One Punch Man World anticipates its release on PC and mobile with a test phase. In-game, find the ultra-famous bald superhero in a 3D world with gacha mechanics. Collect characters and build up a powerful composition to crush everything in your path, in single-player or multiplayer mode, in revisited key moments from the series.

Honkai Impact 3rd part 2

In addition to announcing the porting of Zenless Zone Zero to consoles alongside PC and mobile, the HoYoverse company is following up with other announcements at the Tokyo Game Show. These include Honkai Impact 3rd part 2, which took us all by surprise. This huge update dedicated to accessibility for new players and improved in-game experience will bring a breath of fresh air to this iconic gacha from February 2024. So get ready for Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2!

Early access to Dark and Light mobile

The mobile sandbox Dark and Light has just launched in early access on the stores. Developed under the Unreal Engine, the title builds on medieval fantasy with creatures from European folklore, dragons as mounts, period weapons and basic construction. You can explore this open-world right now, taming griffins to dominate the skies or herding sheep to bring down your enemies on land. Dark and Light mobile is still pretty basic graphically, but has the advantage of multiplayer features and numerous crafting and customization systems, so you can experience an adventure that suits you right now on Android and iOS for its early access.

Visual Novel The Wreck due on October 3

Far removed from the bloody brawl of Dark and Light mobile, we'll soon be welcoming the visual novel The Wreck to our smartphones. This emotionally-charged title puts you in the driver's seat of Juno, a writer slightly lost with her mother in hospital, who tries to gather her wits and navigate between her traumas and her successes. The title boasts a full English voice-over, an immersive atmosphere with hand-crafted visuals and a tendency to go for the tearjerker. Already out on consoles and PC, The Wreck is a mature visual novel scheduled for release on October 3 for Android and iOS devices.

NASCAR mobile game by Hutch to celebrate 75 years of NASCAR

Warm up the tires because the NASCAR race is about to start. Hutch, the creators of F1 Clash, Hill Dash and Top Drives are preparing a special racing game for NASCAR's 75th anniversary, in direct collaboration with them. We don't know much more about the game, but we can't wait to see it hit the starting blocks.

Junkworld released on Apple Arcade, a tower defense à la Kingdom Rush

Netflix is not alone in offering premium mobile games by subscription. Apple Arcade is also making inroads, but often targets a more casual audience than its competitor. Hello Kitty World is clearly not aimed at the same audience asInto the Breach. This week, the Apple brand's service offers Junkworld, a hand-drawn tower defense à la Kingdom Rush, packed with WTF action and humor. In-game, you lead a team of Scavengers, collectors of detachable parts, capable of building towers and sending their heroes into battle. Discover the full potential of Junkworld's release with your Apple Arcade subscription, as you play through the campaign and numerous missions.

Announcing EVE Galaxy Conquest, 4X for your entire fleet of spaceships

Anyone who hasn't heard Eve Online's soft, spacey voice in a commercial should raise their hand. This voice, which resonates to the farthest reaches of the galaxy even without sound propagation, is back in the spotlight at the end of September. In a 4X multiplayer format, you control a fleet of spaceships as they conquer the universe. The gameplay incorporates all the strengths of Eve Online and Echoes: player-to-player politics, resource exploitation, ship building and upgrading, and large-scale MMO combat. EVE Galaxy Conquest is scheduled for soft launch on Android and iOS before the end of the year.

Release of Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero from Superplanet

Superplanet is releasing Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero this week, a colorful pixel-art gacha RPG that has already been available in South Korea for some time. The game has all the makings of a classic idle RPG with a Magical Girl twist, so it's clear that it's a hit or miss depending on your tastes. But whatever happens, you'll have plenty to keep you busy with the various game modes and the collection of stuff elements for the release of Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero on Android and iOS, available free-to-play.

Video game Dobble Go! coming soon

If I'm talking about a board game represented by a purple hand with an eye in the middle, often on a yellow background, I hope you've got the ref. Dobble, a classic card game of speed and image analysis, inevitably leads to amputations, clawing and cries of "stop cheating, there wasn't the right symbol on your card", "look, it's a mushroom not a ladybug"... Yes, this game is going to make its mobile debut under the name DOBBLE GO! thanks to the coming together ofAsmodée, Amuzo Games and Zygomatic Studio. Hopefully, there will be all the modes of the classic game, plus a few virtual novelties. In any case, we'll keep you posted on the release date of Dobble Go! in our future reports.

Last Spartan Glory over Madness scheduled for Q1 2024

Inspired by Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon, the roguelite Last Spartan: Glory Over Madness is gearing up for an early 2024 release. With a focus on deckbuilding and customizable dice mechanics, create a destructive combo of skills and actions accompanied by a Greek god. The game features over 70 different enemies and 10 bosses to face during your runs, as well as over a hundred NPCs offering you choices in exchange for rewards or curses. Gather NPCs in your town, engage in challenging battles at turn-based and explore the full story of Last Spartan: Glory over Madness in 2024.

Pre-registration opens for Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom

This week's pre-registrations also include Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom. On the stores, the game presents itself as a mix of strategy, RPG and tower defense. But basically, in terms of gameplay, it's a tower defense game with battles lasting up to 99 seconds, in which you use heroes you've collected between battles.

You can spend your energy adding them to the game board and reinforcing your defense, hence the strategic aspect of planning your moves. In addition to tower defense battles, Knightcore Kingdom features a series of casual mini-games to keep you entertained. You can pre-register now, but if you're craving tower defense, don't forget Junkworld on Apple Arcade and Defense Derby released this summer!

The Heirloom Kickstarter takes off

Studio Babubi Games has launched its crowdfunding campaign for The Heirloom, a thriller-style adventure game inspired by Scottish folklore. In-game, orphaned siblings Marla and Jack are sent to stay with a distant relative, whose bizarre lighthouse is at the center of many puzzling, even paranormal events. This single-player game invites you to make choices to control your adventure, solve puzzles, uncover family secrets and meet the locals in a remote corner of the world.

Originally slated for a $33,000 goal, The Heirloom's Kickstarter has already raised $36,000, 19 days before the end of its campaign, so we can still expect it to be released on PC, Playstation, Switch and Mobile, and the game will even be in French. The beta is scheduled for Q3 2024, with release the following October.

News zapping

Several major news items didn't get a full segment in the recap, but I'm going to take a look at a few of them in a quick zap.

  • Cookie Run Kingdom update 5.0 will land on September 26 with a wave of new content. In fact, many other updates will take place that day, such as on Tower of Fantasy or Black Desert Mobile. In the meantime Diablo Immortal which has returned to its roots with an update full of nostalgia and enemies such as the famous Butcher ;
  • Era of Conquest is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS ahead of its scheduled release at the end of October;
  • LEGO and Nintendo are releasing a Lego Prianha Plant set available from November 6 ;
  • The second major update for Grand Cross Age of Titans went live this week;
  • The game KICK 24: Pro Football Manager is now available for pre-registration on Android ;
  • Shapez enters pre-registration on Android and iOS. This factory building and production line automation game will bring a minimalist style to the stores for its release on December 5 ;
  • High Energy Heroes, a replacement for Apex Mobile in China has just hit the stores;
  • Krafton, the studio behind PUBG mobile, shakes hands with Indian diplomats to celebrate half a century of relations between Korea and India ;
  • The kawai game Fairy Village enters pre-registration on Android and invites you to discover a tiny village;
  • Ticket To Ride, the digital board game, undergoes a facelift and a new launch that marks the end of the first edition of the video game.
  • Clan of the Eagle DLC released on Northgard mobile
  • The release of the point'n click adventure game Dude Where's my Beer? on iOS, a bizarre title where 99% of the beers are fake, so beware of the fizzy yellow stuff
  • Brawl Stars exceeds 2 billion in revenues since launch
  • Oh yes, and Twitter is going premium, but you're probably living in a cave if you haven't heard about it this week.

That's the end of review number 126, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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