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All monsters from the Summoners War x Street Fighter collaboration

Summoners War x Street Fighter collaboration

The announcement came as a surprise to many: Summoners War has partnered with Street Fighter V. After days of speculation, we now know which Street Fighter characters will be joining the SW universe. The Summoners War development team spoke to the two communities that are currently buzzing. They explained the broad out lines of this temporary collaboration.

Find out in this news Q&A, everything you need to know about this partnership. It's not just a publicity stunt and the collaboration looks particularly rich!

The announcement caused a huge reaction from both communities.

What is the nature of the collaboration between Summoners War and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition?

The development team is well aware that the two games are very different. However, they both excel in their genre and have their own community. This partnership was born out of the desire to bring these two active communities together .

Summoner War has decided to integrate 5 new monsters based on 5 iconic Street Fighter characters. The names and appearances will be the same and were easily taken over. It was more complicated to faithfully adapt the gameplay and power of the characters. The two development teams worked hand in hand to get the best results.

Which monsters will be included in Summoners War?

One can imagine that the choice of the 5 characters was not easy. The lucky ones are Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Chun-Li and Dhalsim. None of them will exist in non-awakened form for the occasion.


The Street Fighter character Ryu in Summoners War
  • Hadoken : Deals damage and has a 50% chance to reduce enemy power for 2 turns;
  • Shoryuken : sends an uppercut to the enemy, wounding and marking them for 2 turns. There is a 30% chance of triggering Hadoken consecutively;
  • Jodan Sanrengeki : attacks the enemy, removing all its beneficial effects. If he has none left after the attack, Ryu hits him again and reduces the target's defence for 2 turns. Inflicts a final ultimate hit if the defence is successfully reduced.


The Street Fighter Ken character in Summoners War
  • Hadoken : Deals damage and has a 50% chance to reduce enemy power for 2 turns;
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku : Attacks all enemies 3 times with a 30% chance to remove each buff and a 30% chance to absorb 10% of the attack gauge;
  • Shinryuken: attacks the same target three times, leaving one mark per hit for 2 rounds. Damage increases if the target has adverse effects that affect it. You win another round if all attacks are critical hits.

Mr Bison

The Street Fighter character M. Bison in Summoners War
  • Psycho Inferno: Increases Psycho Power to attack a target with 50% of the provocation for 1 turn;
  • Psycho Crusher: surrounds himself with Psycho Power to jump on an enemy, provoking him and reducing his power for 1 turn. Also increases its attack power according to its maximum HP;
  • Black Moon (passive): When a provoked enemy dies, M. Bison fills his entire attack gauge and recovers 20% of his maximum health.


The Street Fighter character Chun-Li in Summoners War
  • Kikoken: Sends energy to hurt the target with a 50% chance of reducing the target's attack gauge by 30%;
  • Spinning Bird Kick: attacks all enemies twice, each hit has a 50% chance of reducing their attack speed for 2 turns;
  • Hoyokusen : Attacks the target 7 times, reducing the attack gauge by 20% with each hit. If this drops to 0, the next moves ignore the opponent's defence. The 7th hit always ignores it.


The Street Fighter character Dhaslim in Summoners War
  • Yoga Punch: Attacks an enemy with a 30% chance of stunning them for 1 round;
  • Yoga Fire: Spits flames at the enemy with a 50% chance to remove all effects and a 50% chance to inflict continuous burn damage for 2 rounds;
  • Yoga Sunburst : Spits a huge flame to hit all enemies 3 times. Each time Dhaslim has a 25% chance to stun them for 1 turn. Damage increases if enemies are already burnt.

The Street Fighter characters arrive in Summoners War with well-known skills. Although there are only 5 of them at the moment, the development team has clearly implied that others could follow.

How long does the collaboration last?

The collaboration is temporary and will only last 2 months (September-October). It will therefore be impossible to obtain Street Fighter monsters outside this period.

After this time, Summoners War will include 5 new monsters with the same characteristics and skills: Striker, Shadow Claws, Slayer, Blade Dancer and Poison Master. They can be used as a base or as materials to improve the characters from the collaboration. So there will be no loss!

Street Fighter monsters in Summoners War
Street Fighter monsters on the left and possible evolution in Summoners War on the right at the end of the collaboration.

How do I get these Street Fighter characters in Summoners War?

The monsters can be obtained via the classic summoning methods (summons and scrolls) with predefined chance rates. There will also be the possibility to win during these 2 months scrolls Street Fighter V guaranteeing the obtaining of these special monsters.

Here's everything you needed to know about this collaboration between Summoners War and Street Fighter V that will debut in September 🙂

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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