Mythic Legends released: halfway between Clash Royale and TFT

Release of Mythic Legends

Do you like card games and auto-battlers? Then the subject of this article should interest you. Hyper Dot Studios has just made official the release of Mythic Legends, the card game developed by Outfit7, available now on iOS and Android. We reveal our first impressions on this promising new title.

Mythic Legends released on iOS and Android

Mythic Legends is a game that mixes genres. Part RPG, part card game and part autobattler, Outfit7's title is reminiscent of several successful titles, such as Clash Royale and TFT.

Indeed, as in Supercell's card game, you have to open chests to unlock cards. Each character has its own stats: health, damage, attack speed, DPS, defence and attack range. These can be upgraded by leveling up once you have accumulated enough cards and gold coins.

In combat, all the features of an auto-battler are present. You must place your units according to their origins and their classes to create synergies and obtain stat improvements. Once your composition is ready, launch the combat to see your units fighting automatically. Between battles, you can choose between three items that will apply bonuses to one or more of your characters on the field.

Mythic Legends release: gameplay image

An effective mix

Where Mythic Legends stands out is in the way its games work. Unlike other auto-battlers, battles do not take place in real time. This gives you time to think about your strategy without time pressure, as you decide when to start the next fight.

Mythic Legends release: gameplay image

By winning battles, you will earn trophies that allow you to advance to the next league and unlock new cards. To unlock more rewards and thus perfect your team composition, complete the daily and weekly quests.

The release of Mythic Legends is therefore a pleasant surprise. The developers have taken good ideas from the best mobile games to create an original title. So don't wait any longer and join the fight by downloading Mythic Legends, available on iOS and Android.

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