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New Rise of Kingdoms Egypt civilization arrival

Rise of Kingdoms Egypt Civilization

With the update Glory of Egypt, the studio Lilith Games has just added Rise of Kingdoms Egypt civilization on Android and iOS. Let's discover together the particularities of this new civilisation as well as the 2 new characters introduced for the new season.

The thirteenth civilisation in RoK

With the arrival of the Egypt civilisation in Rise of Kingdoms, there are now 13 different kingdoms that are playable: Rome, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Vikings, China, Korea, Japan, Arabia, Ottoman Empire, Byzantium and now Egypt.

Glory of Egypt update release is accompanied by a number of events, including rewards , the Alliance Quiz to show off your knowledge, and a brand new story, Words of Eternity, in which you must find the true meaning of eternity with Gilgamesh.

Two new special units also make their appearance with the Egypt civilization in RoK: Imhotep, the high priest of Heliopolis and pyramid architect, as well as Thutmose III, the sixth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty nicknamed the Warrior King.

Rise of Kingdoms Egypt civilization particularities

Like all civilizations, the ancient Egyptian civilization has its own particularities. The Egypt civilisation in RoK benefits from 3 bonuses:

  • +5% attack for archers, which is not a major advantage.
  • +5% damage for gathered troops, which can be interesting in forts and on flags, but useless in large spaces where your troops are scattered.
  • +1.5% of research and construction speed, which is not very useful.
Imohtep and Thutmose III of Rise of Kingdoms Egypt civilization

This is what we know about Rise of Kingdoms Egypt civilisation. As you can probably guess, we don't recommend changing your civilisation to Egypt in RoK, as its bonuses are too specific and situational to give you the advantage over your opponents. If you still want to try the adventure, I invite you to consult our guide to changing your civilisation in Rise of Kingdoms.

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