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All Rise of Kingdoms 2022 gift codes

Gift codes in Rise of Kingdoms always give you a welcome boost. No matter what your strategy is and how much you want to win, you can always use a gift code.[Read More]

How to change civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms?

Still wondering how to change civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms? Well, there are several ways to achieve this. The first way is to...[Read More]

Which civilisation to choose in Rise of Kingdoms?

Choosing your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is not easy. Should you prefer cavalry, harvesting, building or something else?[Read More]

Rise of Kingdoms Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Are you a beginner looking for a Rise of Kingdoms guide and some tips on how to make wise decisions? Let us take the pressure off you.[Read More]

How do I change servers in Rise of Kingdoms?

Changing servers in Rise of Kingdoms is not easy. But this possibility has many advantages for players. In this article, we...[Read More]

Optimising your game experience in Rise of Kingdoms

Here we are in a new tutorial that will be very useful for all Rise of Kingdoms players! We're going to take a look at how to optimise the game...[Read More]

How to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Mac?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to play Rise of Kingdoms PC whether you are on a Windows or Mac computer. To do this, we'll use the...[Read More]

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