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How do you change civilization in Rise of Kingdoms?

How to change civilization Rise of Kingdoms

Still wondering how to change civilization in Rise of Kingdoms? Well, there are several ways to do that. As explained in this tip, you can get a change token for free or with gems to switch to the civilization of your choice.

Change civilization for free

You may have started out with a civilization that doesn't suit you at all. So you want to change it as soon as possible. Whether you don't like its style of play or you've just noticed how it often lags behind other civilizations, it's time for you to change civilizations.

Byzantium Rise of Kingdoms

Likewise, you may have reached a stage in the game where your current civilization no longer shines as brightly. Switching to a mid-game or end-game nation will make it easier for you to move on. If you haven't decided on your target yet, check out our article on which civilization to choose in RoK in 2020.

The essential element remains the token of change of civilization.

Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Change Token

You can buy one for a few écus or wait to get it for free. In fact, when you upgrade your City Hall to level 10, you get a free RoK Civilization Change token. This still forces you to progress enough in the game to reach this stage. Despite this constraint, it's nice to see that Lilith Games doesn't close the door to F2P players.

Spain cavalry trick RoK EN

Speaking of change itself, you can also switch to a new civilization when your alliance lacks a particular type of army. For example, if the members of your alliance don't have a highly developed cavalry, you may decide to switch to Spain, which excels on horseback with its bonuses. This will allow you to rebalance the fighting forces and allow your alliance to progress more easily. I'm told at the earpiece that this would make you a wise strategist.

Change civilization with gems or dots

To change civilization before level 10, or if you have already used your token and wish to move to another nation, there are several options. First, pay in gems. As the game progresses, you'll have the opportunity toget gems for free (although in small numbers). If you want more, you'll have to buy them at the cash register. These gems can enable you to acquire a token.

How to change civilization token
Example of a token in the shop

In the shop, a civilization change token costs 10,000 gems. You can also spend your gems at the merchant's to get them at various prices.

Alternatively, you can also purchase one of these transition tokens in the Alliance Shop. This will still cost you 2 million individual alliance points. So think carefully before you decide on this last option.

Impact on the gameplay

Using a civilization change token is pretty simple once you get it. But what happens next? First, the entire architecture of your city will be changed. Although I imagine you're not playing Rise of Kingdoms for decoration, that's always good to know.

City architecture RoK china

If you've already trained special units from your civilization, what happens to them? They will become special units of the new nation in equal numbers. So you won't lose any troops in this switchover. However, the free commander of your first civilization will not change. For example, if you played France with Joan of Arc and her axe-throwers and you want to move to Germany: you will keep Joan of Arc and not get Hermann the Cherub, but all your axe-throwers will become Teutonic knights.

Civilization RoK commander Sun Tzu

The bonus features of your account will necessarily change. In any case, I imagine this is one of the main reasons why you chose to change civilization in Rise of Kingdoms.

For example, by switching to Germany, you will lose your big harvest bonus from France. On the other hand, you'll be entitled to a superb Action Point Restoration Bonus. The latter will allow you to enter the PvP court with the other military bonuses from Germany.

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