New Summoner Soleta in Summoners War Chronicles and additional features

Release of Soleta in Summoners War Chronicles SWC new summoner

Discover Soleta in Summoners War Chronicles, the DoT-specialized archer who arrives this summer as a new in-game summoner. Com2uS' MMORPG introduces additional features in its new update. So, let's take a look at the SWC patch notes of the moment, with guild improvements, monster hunting and info on how to play summoner Soleta in Summoners War Chronicles.

Arrival of the 4th Summoner Soleta after Orbia, Kina and Cleaf in Summoners War Chronicles

To unlock Soleta in Summoner's War Chronicles, you'll need to complete the "Newly Arrived Ally" quest with one of the three basic summoners, i.e. Orbia, Kina or Cleaf. This corresponds to your arrival in the village of Rudelin. If you've already progressed through the missions in Rudelin and beyond the desert, you can automatically accept the quest to unlock Soleta in SWC by logging into the game.

Image transparent background Soleta Summoners War Chronicles new summoner

Like Cleaf and the other summoners, Soleta can switch between elements depending on the type of damage and effects you're looking to inflict to support your team of monsters.

  • In fire, Soleta can ignore effects that prevent enemy death and inflict damage proportional to maximum HP.
  • In water, the summoner slows down and freezes boosting her own attack speed.
  • In the wind, Soleta from Summoners War Chronicles applies negative effects, prevents debuffs from being removed and increases damage according to the distance between her and the enemy.
  • In light, the new SWC summoner regen, ignores damage reduction, no more crit.
  • En dark, Soleta takes advantage of the cooldown reduction, prevents revive, and boosts her own attack.

Major new features: soul connection to link level and awakening, infinite guild raids

The new update for Summoners War Chronicles presented in the August 10 patch notes reveals not only the Summoner Soleta, who arrives in SWC, but also a number of new features. These include the Soul Connection.

The Soul Connection system allows you to link a 5★ or 4★ monster at max experience, awakening and skill level to another monster to transfer all these attributes to it. The 5★ work only with the 5★ and the 4★ with the 4★. Linked monsters must also have the same class for Soul Connection to work. Soul Connection costs gold and can be deactivated at any time after a cooldown.

The new SWC update also adds Guild Infinite Battle, i.e. infinite guild raids (excluding Rahil Academy). Operating in weekly seasons, Summoners War Chronicles Infinite Battles start every Tuesday and end the following Monday. Infinite Raids invite you to defeat as many enemies as possible over a 3-minute period. Each wave boosts your score and your rewards season. Full details are available on the game's official website.

These are the major points of the current Summoners War Chronicles patch notes, with the new summoner Soleta, infinite guild raids and soul connection for your maxed-out monsters.

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