Summoners War celebrates its 7th birthday in its update!


The mobile game Summoners War is celebrating its birthday with the brand new update 6.2.7, which is already available! For this occasion, the developer and publisher Com2uS is offering a whole bunch of events, a rebalancing patch for the Ifrit Darkness' Magic Conversion skill, as well as an improvement of the glory points. We tell you all about it!

A new Summoners War patch for its 7 years of play!

The new v.6.2.7 update has a lot of surprises in store for this new anniversary of Summoners War. Here are the most important new features of this new special patch:

  • Arena improvements: Glory point amounts for victories have been increased. +1 point compared to before. Same increase in glory points for victories against Arena Rivals.
  • Building upgrades linked to Glory Points: upgrades now cost less and the max levels of all buildings that can be installed and upgraded with Glory Points is increased from level 10 to level 20.
  • The amount of energy required to conduct 1 combat is reduced from 10 to 5 energy points.
  • Finally, a guild activity menu has been added to allow you to see at a glance the participation data of members in various guild activities.

And lots of other surprises!

scrolls and shop opening!

On the occasion of the 7-year anniversary of Summoners War, you also have the opportunity to attend the opening of the 7-year seal shop in the heavenly islands. You can visit the 7 year anniversary shop by pressing the flying ship. You can visit the 7 year old seal shop by pressing the flying ship. It will remain open until May 31st at 5pm (Paris time). You will be able to get a lot of unique products thanks to the 7 year old seals that you can get during the birthday events!

To get these seals you have to: Point, get crystals, use crystals. You can get them every day, without limit.

Here is one of the first events for the 7 years of the game! Com2us offers you to receive 100 scrolls. How cool is that? The event lasts until 31 May 2021. You have until then to collect your gifts. They are specialscrolls made for the 7 years anniversary. Finally, you can create your invocation list by going to Summonhenge, then to scroll special 7 years.

So, are you ready for the Summoners War 7 year event? We are! Tell us what you think in comments!

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