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Summoners War presents Onmyouji and Onimusha

Onmyouji and Onimusha Summoners War

There is no shortage of characters in the Summoners War universe, but the creative team is never short of ideas. They have decided to integrate two new characters inspired by Japanese folklore: Onmyouji and Onimusha. For this occasion, the game is setting up several events that should put them in the spotlight of the community!
Players will be able to recruit Onmyouji and Onimusha to their team from March 8th until March 22nd. For those of you who don't have time to read the full post by Com2uS, here is a summary.

What is known about Onmyouji and Onimusha?

First of all, it is important to know that it is not really two new characters that are joining the game... Players will actually have the opportunity to discover 10 of them! Onmyouji and Onimusha are available in several elements. While the different versions share some common points, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The 5 Onmyouji versions

This 5-star stand uses the power of yin and yang to blow hot and cold on the battlefield.

  • Tomoe (fire)
  • Shizuka (water)
  • Giou (wind)
  • Seimei (light)
  • Douman (darkness)
Summoners War Shizuka statistics
The basic statistics are also different.

The 5 Onimusha versions

This 4-star attacker promises to do damage in battle with his razor-sharp sword.

  • Khaki (fire)
  • Suiki( water)
  • Fuuki (wind)
  • Kinki (light)
  • Ongyouki (darkness)
Summoners War Ongyouki statistics
There will be something for everyone!

Events for Onmyouji and Onimusha

This massive arrival of new characters deserved some little surprises from Com2uS. The Korean company saw things in a big way and organised two specific events.

Summoning event

Collect points by summoning monsters with at least 3 stars. Additional points can be earned by summoning Onmyouji and Onimusha. By reaching certain levels, you will unlock rewards : mana stones, energy points, arcenmons, crystals and scroll of Onimusha.

Growth event

Once you have recruited Onmyouji and Onimusha, you will also be rewarded for growing the two new monsters. You will earn points by fighting with them and evolving them. This will give you access to even more mana stones and crystals.

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