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Buzz Brawl Stars Guide | Tips and Tricks

Buzz Brawl Stars Guide

A crocodile makes an appearance in Brawl Stars, a free-to-play game developed by Supercell. Buzz, a new chromatic brawler, has just set the bar very high. As we'll see in this guide to Buzz Brawl Stars, it has many advantages. Comparable to Edgar, Buzz has the mobility to go after even the most distant enemies. Moreover, his assassin side will give a hard time to opponents who dare to face him. 🐊

Buzz Brawl Stars

Chromatic Brawler as said above, Buzz is not easily accessible. In order to find him in a Brawl box, you will have to cross your fingers and surely more than once! Indeed, its appearance rate is 0.12% chance at its release. But as with all chromatic brawlers, this percentage increases as the seasons progress. As a result, it will increase until it reaches 0. 5% of obtaining.

Buzz - Statistics

A highly mobile assassin, Buzz has a host of advantages, making him one of the best duelists in Brawl Stars. Here is a list of his strengths:

Buzz Brawl Stars - Statistics

As mentioned in the list above, Buzz's hit point level is very satisfactory. From 4,200 at level 1 to 5,880 hit points at level 10, he is able to take a few hits while he gets to hand-to-hand combat. Once the enemy is reached, the duel quickly returns to Buzz's advantage.

With his fast movement speed, Buzz can afford to charge his Super easily without having to put himself in danger. You'll just have to zonk around opponents without necessarily engaging in combat.

Buzz - Attacks and gadgets

Buzz has a short range attack. When he uses it, it throws 5 pun ches in front of him in a wide conical area. Each punch deals between 420-588 points of damage, making a total of 2,100-2,940 points of damage if all the punches hit. In order to hit all the punches, you must be in close combat and stick to your opponent. As a result, they will take maximum damage with each attack.

Buzz Brawl Stars - Attacks and gadgets

Its range is very short, reaching 2.67 squares, which makes Buzz vulnerable to brawlers at very long range. You must therefore be very vigilant and wait for his Super to charge before attacking.

The Super Buzz, ' Torpedo Launch ', has a special feature of its own. It automatically charges when there are enemies in an area around the brawler (see image below). This super allows it to completely make up for its lack of range. Indeed, with his torpedo, Buzz can grab onto walls and enemies, taking him to the affected area. He has a very long range of up to 10 squares. But that's not all, Buzz stuns enemies around the point of impact when he arrives. The stun lasts between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds, the greater the distance covered by the torpedo, the longer the stun.

Buzz brawler gameplay image

Buzz's gadget gives him access to an escape route in case his previous Super gets him into a bad situation. "The ' Emergency Buoy ' instantly recharges Buzz's Super, but it won't stun enemies. You'd think it would be an easy Super to use, but if you miss your target enemy and find yourself clinging to a wall and surrounded by enemies, you'll be glad you can escape with your gadget.

Buzz - How to use and play

As you can see, Buzz is a very strong brawler. Thanks to his powerful attacks, his very good health level and his above-average movement speed, he is a very formidable brawler in duels. Furthermore, his ability to immobilise an opponent from a very long distance makes up for his lack of range. To defeat an opponent, he will only need to hit him with his torpedo. You know what you have to do, learn to aim his Super, and the rest will take care of itself!

To conclude, Buzz is generally strong in all game modes. Moreover, he is relentlessly efficient in those where you have to dislodge your opponents from their position. In Reserved Zone or Survivor, for example. But by pushing the strategy further, Buzz can be very useful in Gem Razzia thanks to his gadget. The ability to quickly go to the front and then leave immediately to bring the gems back to safety is not given to all brawlers.

Now you know all about Buzz, thechromatic assassin from Brawl Stars. If you need help with other characters, you'll find everything you need in the Brawler's Guide!

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