Dislyte Tier List: What are the best Espers?

Dislyte Tier List: What are the best Espers?

In this Dislyte espers Tier List, find out which are the best characters in the game in different modes and find the ones that best fit your play style. If you are lucky enough to recruit one of these heroes, we highly recommend investing in them, raising them and improving their skills. You won't regret it!

Dislyte Tier List of the best all-rounders

Whether it's in Story Mode, in the content gathered in Trials or in PvP, these heroes excel almost everywhere. So here's our Dislyte tier list of the best all-around espers.

Unas, the Dislyte top tier support esper

Unas, an Dislyte esper top tier

This Shimmer support esper gives immunity to his group and increases their action points (AP) by 30%. As a bonus, he improves his own speed and his basic attack can lower an opponent's defense. Finally, his captain ability increases the speed of allies in Holobattle. With so many impactful skills, Unas is undoubtedly the best support player on Dislyte.

Sally and Clara, the best carers

Sally, the Dislyte top tier PvE healer
Clara, the Dislyte top tier pvp caretaker

It's hard to decide between these two healers. Sally is a bit more PvE oriented because her third skill blocks her for 2 turns. However, she is still very popular because of her massive debuff dispels and the attack bonus she gives her team. Thanks to her shields, immunity and 20% AP boost, Clara is more popular in PvP.

Gabrielle, the offensive support

Gabrielle, an offensive support esper

Available only through fusion, Gabrielle is a support that can lower her opponents' defense and increase her team's. She also gives immunity to all her allies. Thanks to her useful kit, she can be found in many Dislyte content.

Lin Xiao, the Dislyte epic top tier dps

Lin Xiao, the epic esper top tier Dilsyte

With her Shimmer element and good damage, Lin Xiao is the most coveted epic esper. Indeed, she reduces the speed and defense of her opponents. At single-target, she also inflicts bleeding, reduces AP, and can also inflict disease to prevent her target from being healed.

Li Ling, Chloe and Narmer, the trio all on fire

Li Ling, one of the best dps in Dislyte
Chloé, a fragile but formidable dps
Narmer, the Dislyte top tier dps of late game

Starting at Dislyte may allow you to recruit Li Ling, a powerful fire element fighter. More fragile due to her epic rarity, Chloe possesses lightning attacks, as well as the ability to steal buffs from her targets. Finally, Narmer is a demanding late game hero capable of crushing his opponents.

Nicole and Yu Suhua, the invincible glittering supports

Nicole, an esper who gives immortality to the team
Ye Suhua, the Dislyte 3 stars esper top tier

Yu Suhua is the only 3 star esper present in this Dislyte tier list. She and Nicole have an invincibility buff. If Yu Suhua can only give it to one target, she brings in addition healings, but also attack and defense bonuses to all her team. On her side, Nicole offers a defense buff to her allies, and another one allowing to bring an esper back to life.

Dislyte Tier List of the best Espers for PvP

In Point War, also called PvP, you want to control your opponent to prevent him from expressing himself fully, or to defeat him by using force. To do this, the most important thing is to act first. So here is our Dislyte tier list of the best espers to use to win in PvP.

Unas and Sienna, dangerous supports for the opponent

Unas, an Dislyte esper top tier
Sienna, a Dislyte top tier AP manipulator

Not surprisingly, we find Unas in the top of this Dislyte esper tier list. Sienna also manipulates the action points and more precisely those of her opponents. Indeed, she can reduce their bar to zero and knock them out as a bonus.

Clara, the PvP healer

Clara, the Dislyte top tier pvp caretaker

Clara is also in this Dislyte PvP tier list. Thanks to her, your units will resist longer to your opponents' attacks. As a bonus, if she is equipped with relics of the Sword Avatara Set, she will perform counter-attacks and heal her allies more.

Triki and Lucas, the controllers who control the enemy

Triki, the nightmare of supports
Lucas, a top tier esper but hard to get

Triki and Lucas are scary opponents in PvP. They can stun in spades and take away debuffs from the opposing team. While Triki uses his passive to achieve his goals, Lucas relies more on his own speed to hinder his enemies. On the other hand, the latter remains a difficult hero to obtain since to recruit him, it is imperative to have completed floor 100 of the Spatial Tower.

Tiye and Long Mian, the team captain neutralizers

Tiye, the Dislyte top tier team captain
Long mian, the Dislyte epic top tier captain

Having a team captain with a speed bonus will be almost mandatory in late game PvP. Even though Long Mian offers a 20% increase over Tiye's 25%, it is still easier to recruit. In addition to their excellent captaining ability, both units hinder and reduce the action bar of their opponents.

Narmer and Hyde, the demanding but formidable fighters

Narmer, the Dislyte top tier dps of late game
Hyde, the Dislyte top tier pvp dps

These are the best PvP fighters, but they are very demanding in terms of relics. Where Narmer can annihilate his opponents in one hit if he has the right teammates, Hyde can take out an entire team solo. So always be extremely careful when playing either of these two espers.

Ren Si, the Dislyte top tier defender PvP

Ren Si, the epic top tier tank Dislyte

Ren Si is an defender esper who relies on his defense. He provokes his opponents and prevents them from targeting other allies. Resistant and capable of doing good damage, he is not to be underestimated.

Dislyte Tier List: Espers to be used for Ritual Miracle

Ritual miracle is an essential content in the game since it allows you to get the famous relics to strengthen your heroes. Here is our Dislyte tier list to defeat each boss with more ease, and this in its highest difficulty.

The best espers for Kronos

Lin Xiao, the epic top tier esper
Chloé, a fragile but formidable dps
Sander, a formidable epic neutralizer

Kronos remains the simplest boss in Ritual Miracle. Here, Sanders is the group captain esper. His skills to reduce the action bar of the enemy as well as his speed will be particularly useful. On her side, Lin Xiao has her place in the team to apply her debuffs and to make big damages by being supported by Chloe.

The best espers for Apep

Lin Xiao, the epic top tier esper
Sally, the PvE healer
Jacob, the poisoner spy

Apep is a snake of the water element that will seek to poison and explode every debuff of poison. Jacob's immunity to poison makes him one of the best characters to face this enemy. Sally will take over when Jacob's ability is not available and protect the team. Finally, Lin Xiao is in his usual position of weakening and defeating the boss.

The best espers for Fafnir

Unas, an esper top tier
Ahmed, a very efficient support on Apep
Lu Yi, the best fighter for Fafnir

Wind espers are still the best choice to fight Fafnir. We are also looking for units that can perform multiple attacks and Lu Yi is a perfect esper in this area. Ahmed can take care of the care and reduce the cooldowns of the skills of his team. Finally, Unas, will give an immunity buff to the group to avoid that the boss slows down, stuns or makes sick the other heroes.

Here you are at the end of our Dislyte tier list of the best espers. We hope you found it useful. Is your favorite esper on this list? Feel free to share your favorites with us in comments! Don't forget that, for more comfort, you can play Dislyte from your computer. This way, you won't have to worry about your battery level.

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