Dislyte Apep 10 Guide: Team and Strategy for A10 Success

Dislyte Apep 10 Guide: Team and Strategy for A10 Success

Dislyte Apep 10 is the second boss of the Ritual Miracle. He represents an intermediate difficulty, even if possessing some espers will greatly facilitate the fight. By defeating him, you will get the relic sets Hades, Abiding Panacea, Ocean Waves, Sword Avatara, Adamantine and Fiery Incandescence. So here are our tips and tricks to easily pass A10 in auto.

Defeat Apep on difficulty 10

Dislyte Apep 10 is a snake of the wind element. His strategy is to apply poison debuffs to your team before blowing them up. Just like every boss in Ritual Miracle, he comes with 2 tablets. One performs area attacks with the ability to stun enemies afflicted by the poison while the other wounds a person and removes all their buffs.

Dislyte Apep 10 challenge in the ritual miracle

In the same way as Kronos, the strategy is to speed run Apep. Ignore the tablets so as not to prolong the fight unnecessarily and risk losing it.

The espers to succeed in floor 10 by car

Here is a selection of espers that we recommend you to unlock to succeed in Dislyte Apep 10. Whether you are in the early game or well advanced in the game, you will find the heroes to use and the reasons for their presence in this guide. Let's discover together the best captains, fighters, supporters, as well as the key characters to resist the poison of Dislyte Apep 10.

The best captains for our A10 team

Sander is the best leader for Dislyte Apep 10
Melanie is a good f2p leader for Dislyte Apep 10
In captaincy, Gabrielle offers more HP for Dislyte Apep 10

As with a lot of Ritual Miracle content, we find Sanders and Melanie for their speed bonus. If you're struggling to survive, opt instead for additional HP% thanks to the excellent Gabrielle. It is recommended that you have unlocked minimum stats of 70% in ACC and 140 in SPD for Sander and Melanie so that they can act quickly and apply their debuffs.

The best fighters to face Dislyte Apep 10

Lin Xiao is a top tier dps for Dislyte Apep 10
Chloe is an excellent dps for Dislyte Apep 10
Hyde vs. Perfect Dislyte Apep 10

Lin Xiao is an ideal fighter for this Ritual Miracle boss. Chloe is also very strong, but requires another esper who will apply a defense malus to the enemy. Finally, Hyde is a perfect counter to Apep mechanics thanks to his immunity to certain state alterations. With the right runes, he can achieve Dislyte Apep 10 solo.

For the f2p or early game players, you should know that Drew and Freddy for the advantageous element, Chalmer or Tang Yun are good fighters for the Dislyte Apep stage 10.

The key characters to resist the poison of Dislyte Apep 10

Jacob against the Dislyte Apep 10 mechanics
Gabrielle's immunity is essential for Dislyte Apep 10
Fabrice proposes a very practical immunity buff for Dislyte Apep 10

Resisting Apep's poison is essential to get past difficulty 10. Jacob offers a poison insensitivity to his team for several rounds. Fabrice and Gabrielle offer the precious immunity buff.

The best supports to succeed in stage 10 of the Ritual Miracle

Ye Suhua is the best support esper for Dislyte Apep 10

The excellent Ye Suhua belongs in the best f2p team to defeat Apep quickly. If you're short on damage, add a healer like Sally or Clara while you strengthen your team with more powerful runes. For free-to-play teams, Chang Pu is a good choice, but you must unlock his third ascension.

Examples of teams to pass Dislyte Apep 10

Here are some suggestions of teams that can auto perform A10:

  • Sanders, Xia Lin, Gabrielle, Chloe, Ye Suhua
  • Melanie, Fabrice, Jacob, Tang Yun, Ye Suhua
  • Gabrielle, Drew, Fenrir, Chang Pu, Ye Suhua

Our current team contains Sanders, Clara, Jacob, Unas and Hades. Sanders and Jacob are at level 50. They have to start the boss's life to the maximum so that Hades can finish him.

Beginning of the fight of Dislyte Apep 10
End of the Dislyte Apep 10 fight

This Dislyte Apep 10 guide is coming to an end. We hope that with our tips, you will be able to overcome this ritual miracle level. Share your experience with us in the comments. Who are the espers that make up your team? How hard did you have to work?

Finally, don't forget to follow our Dislyte tips page to discover our guides to defeat Kronos 10 as well as Fafnir 10, but also check our 3 and 4 stars espers tier list.

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