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All King of Avalon codes for 2023

All King of Avalon codes

First of all, I need to remind you that a King of Avalon gift code is in no way affiliated with any cheat or hack. Rather, it is an official gift from Century Games to celebrate various occasions. It may be a specific event in the year related to various celebrations such as Christmas or the New Year. Promo codes can also be seen to emerge at particular gaming events. It could be that the number of game downloads has been reached or that the game has reached its anniversary date. In short, as you can see, all these King of Avalon gift codes are perfectly legal and in a way represent a thank you from Century Games to the players.

Where can I find the King of Avalon gift codes?

Since a promo code is shared by the game's team, it is therefore legitimate to find it on different platforms affiliated to Century Games. Thus, it can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but also on sites like Reddit or the Discord dedicated to the game. The codes are scattered around to encourage players to follow the game's news. As the codes also have a limited duration, they require a certain reactivity from the community.

King of Avalon gift codes on social networks

How to redeem gift codes

To activate the King of Avalon gift codes, do the following:

  • Start the game
  • Click on your avatar's portrait in the top left corner of the screen to access the Player Profile.
  • Then select the gear wheel in the bottom left corner of the screen to get to the "Settings" screen.
  • Click on the gift icon labelled "GIFT CODE".
  • Now you can enter the code in the little pop-up window that just appeared!
Activate a King of Avalon promo code

List of valid King of Avalon 2023 codes

We have compiled a list of all the codes found on different networks to save you time searching. However, there are a few things to remember before you enter your codes:

  • Be careful with upper and lower case letters! They must be respected, so don't hesitate to copy/paste the codes for ease of use.
  • The game does not like too many codes entered in a short period of time and will refuse to count the following ones. However, if you wait a few hours, the game will allow you to enter codes again.
  • Each code is obviously for one-time use only.

King of Avalon 2023 codes still good:

  • FunPlusKoaJune
  • vip2023
  • KOA2023
  • KOA8888
  • KOACN666
  • DALAO666
  • KOA888
  • KOA2022
  • KOA1234 
  • KOA666
  • KOA999 
  • KOACN888

Expired King of Avalon gift codes:

  • RAMADAN2023
  • KOAINS888
  • ORLANDO2022
  • LaborDayKoA
  • ThanksgivingDay
  • KOA5050
  • halloween2020koa
  • koahappy4thbirthday
  • daimeier
  • Koa7575
  • Koa628
  • KOAHappyAnniversary
  • KOA666
  • KOA888

If you notice that some codes are missing from the list, don't hesitate to tell us in comments. This way, this list will remain up to date and will gather all the King of Avalon gift codes in one place. In order not to miss any new additions, don't hesitate to subscribe to Jeumobi notifications. Moreover, for more convenience in entering the codes or simply to enjoy a better game comfort, don't forget that it is also possible to play King of Avalon on PC!

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