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How to find the Merge Dragons secret levels?

Merge Dragons secret levels

Merge Dragons secret levels are levels that are very similar to normal levels. They can be played up to 3 times in order to get bonusrewards . Completing them also gives you stars. The only difference with the regular levels is that they are hidden and do not appear directly on the world map.

You have to find them by clicking on specific elements of the decor. But instead of randomly clicking all over your screen, this little guide to the secret levels gives you all the tips to find the first 10 hidden levels. Locations, main objective, secondary objectives and rewards. In short, if you're wondering how to access the Merge Dragons secret levels, the answer is in this guide!

Unlike the challenge levels, there is no time limit to finish the Merge Dragons secret levels. Since there's no pressure, enjoy these secret gardens, islands or passages!

Reminder: have you checked out our Merge Dragons beginner's guide? If you're just starting the game, start there 😉 !

Merge Dragons Secret level 1: the Crescent

Merge Dragons Secret level 1
You can find wonders in small puddles!
  • Level number: 27 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Goal : Create a restored statue of Gaia x2 ;
  • Secondary objectives : possess a surplus of grass tufts, collect a Silver coin and merge 5 destroyed Gaia statues into one;
  • Rewards possible: fruit tree seed, grass dragon egg.

Secret Level 2: The Secret of Four

Secret level 2
You don't always have to dig under an arch, but also look above it !
  • Level number: 44 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective: to create a large statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 spotted mushrooms in one go, merge 5 triple mushrooms in one go, create 3 baby dragons;
  • Rewards possible: young fruit tree, sharp dragon egg.

Secret Level 3: The Secret Veldt Alley

Merge Dragons secret level 3
Not only plants grow at the water's edge.
  • Level number : 71 ;
  • Cost: 2 Trophies ;
  • Objective: to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 grass dragon eggs at once, hatch 5 dragons, create 7 dragons;
  • Rewards possible: pretty treasure chest, ordinary treasure chest, spotted dragon egg.

Did you know? You can play Merge Dragons on your PC ! For an optimal game comfort, don't hesitate to follow our tutorial. Plus, you can keep all your progress 😃 !

Merge Dragons Secret Level 4: The Lair of the Healer

Merge Dragons secret level 4
This secret level is literally on a treasure island.
  • Level number : 83
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create two strong care goddesses x2 ;
  • Secondary objectives: summon a dragon, merge 3 healing statues, create a level 2 x2 healing statue;
  • Rewards possible: tuft of grass, spotted dragon egg, moss covered stone.

Secret Level 5: The Summit Pool

Secret level 5
Call this secret level the "treasure island".
  • Level number: 90 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective: to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives : reach 5,000 points (beginner), reach 8,000 points (advanced), reach 10,000 points (expert);
  • Rewards possible: dragon tree shoot, grass dragon egg, Drake's crest.

Secret Level 6: The Secret Islands

Merge Dragons secret level 6
A distinctive colour often hides a secret level.
  • Level number: 106 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective: to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: none;
  • Rewards possible: young fruit tree, grass dragon egg, shrub shoot.

Merge Dragons Secret Level 7: The Secret Garden

Level 7 the secret garden
Death too has its secret level.
  • Level number: 110 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create a tree of life shoot;
  • Secondary objectives: merge 5 Tanzanian plains grasses at once, merge 5 flowers of life x2 at once, have 3 giant flowers of life;
  • Rewards possible: flower of life, dragon golem egg, drake's crest.

Secret Level 8: The Totemic Grid

Merge Dragons secret level 8
You can't collect these stones, but they lead you to a secret level!
  • Level number : 121 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Goal : Create restored statues of Gaia x2;
  • Secondary objectives : reach 35,000 points (beginner), reach 50,000 points (advanced), reach 80,000 points (expert);
  • Rewards possible: rain puddle, green dragon egg, lawn grass.

Merge Dragons secret level 9: The Healer

Merge Dragons secret level 9
A secret level that does not lack spice.
  • Level number: 126 ;
  • Cost : 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create a large statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: reach 1,000 points (beginner), reach 2,000 points (advanced), reach 3,000 points (expert);
  • Rewards possible: potting soil, sharp dragon egg, dragon tree leaf.

Secret Level 10: The Great Fjord

merge dragons secret level 10
A secret level hidden at the dragon totem.
  • Level number: 136 ;
  • Cost: 1 Trophy ;
  • Objective : to create a restored statue of Gaia;
  • Secondary objectives: create prism flower buds x2, harvest dragons on prism flowers x15, destroy a Swamp Zomblin ;
  • Rewards possible: nice treasure chest, sharp dragon egg, Drake's crest.

This guide to the first 10 Merge Dragons secret levels is coming to an end! We hope you find it useful and that you will quickly discover these secret worlds. If you have any comments or tips to add, please feel free to let us know. 😊

To go further in the game, find all our tips on Merge Dragons!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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