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Merge Dragons Challenge 22 Guide: Fjord 14

Merge Dragons Challenge 22 Guide: Fjord 14

Merge Dragon can seem a little repetitive with the sequence of levels. But fortunately, to spice up the experience, there is a challenge level every now and then!
These challenges have three levels of difficulty and are more complicated. The objective: to fight with the timer while making precise combinations to achieve the secondary objectives. The reward for all this effort is specialrewards and Dragons, to help you on your base camp.
The 22 Merge Dragons challenge is particularly long. There is a lot of merging to be done on dead earth. This will test your dexterity and endurance . But by following this guide, you are guaranteed to succeed in all the challenges in this level!

Merge Dragons Challenge 22 map
Global vision of the level map.

Global information of the Merge Dragons challenge 22

  • Level number : number 149 ;
  • Game cost: 3 trophies;
  • Goal: Create a restored statue of Gaia x1 ;
  • Secondary objectives: create Spotted Mushroom x5, create Great Grass x2, create Emerging Puddle x1.

The stages of the Merge Dragons Challenge 22

A good way to take a breath and remember the location of the various items is to open the shop during the challenge level. You also need to make long moves of objects. Click on the item to be moved, move the map and press the empty slot to drop the item in the desired location.

Challenge 22 Merge Dragons a level healing expander
Care extenders are very important.

Stage 1

  • Merge the three Prism Flower Seeds on the top left island to get Prism Flower Shoot.
  • Move the Prism Flower Shoots to the top right to merge them with the one on the Dead Earth and get Prism Flower Bud.
  • Grab the Grass Clump on the bottom right and put it on the island on the top left. Merge with the 2 on the dead land.
  • Do the same with the clump of grass already on the same island with the other two clumps of grass on the dead land.
  • With the two Sods obtained, merge them in groups of 5 with the three Sods present on the Dead Land on the top right to obtain two Great Grasses.
  • Take them and merge them in the bottom right corner with the one on the Dead Land to obtain a Marsh Grass.
  • Take the two available Marsh Grasses and merge them at the bottom left with the one on the dead land to get a Tall Grass.
Zomblin Caves
Zomblin caves to be destroyed at the right time.

Step 2

  • Use the resultingHealing Expander .
  • Click on the Dragon's Nests to get eggs and hatch them.
  • Bring the Tall Grass, obtained on the main island, to merge with the two on the Dead Land.
  • Use theHealing Expander to unlock the three Zomblin Caves.
  • Summon at least four Zomblins, by tapping on the caves, to get fresh Graves (at least four).
  • As soon as the caves are destroyed, move the Prism Flower Bud to the left. Merge it with the ones on the island on the left that are present in the Dead Land. You will then unlock two new Zomblin Caves and a Tanzanite Plains Grass.
  • Just below, merge the Tanzanite Plains Grass with the two on the dead land. This unlocks a new Healing Expander giving access to two new caves and a Mushroom Caps.

Step 3

  • Take the Mushroom Caps from the top of the main island to merge with those on the dead land.
  • Collect the Prism Flower obtained at the beginning and its Life Orbs to heal the adjacent Water Puddle square.
  • Use the 4 Fresh Graves to merge them into TWO separate groups with the two graves down on the main island. This unlocks two new Healing Expanders to create two new Puddles. Merge them with the 3rd puddle to get a newborn puddle.
  • Pick it up from the top right of the main island to merge it with the other 5 on the main island in the Dead Land. This unlocks the last Healing Expander. This allows you to reach the three destroyed Statues of Gaia.
  • Merge them to get a restored Statue of Gaia and finish the level.

That's it! We hope that this guide to the 22 Merge Dragons challenge will allow you to complete all 3 levels of the challenge !
If by any chance you have problems with other levels, feel free to consult the list of all our guides on Merge Dragons! to get as many dragons as possible and advance in the game !

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