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TFT Set 6 : Our tips on classes and champions

TFT Set 6 new features

The new TFT patch Set 6 is called Gizmos & Gadgets. Announced during the World Cup, it had raised the hype within the Teamfight Tactics community. As a result, it now reveals new classes (types) and champions that I suggest you discover together with our tips on this Set 6 . Don't hesitate to use the table of contents to quickly go from section to section! As a reminder, the TFT Gadgets en Folie patch will land on the live servers on November 3rd, 2021. So, it's time to prepare your first strategies!

List of new TFT classes Set 6

To avoid bias, we will present the Set 6 TFT classes in alphabetical order and give you some tips and tricks on this Set 6. Some of these will only fit a few champions while others will be very common. However, they all bring their own twist to Teamfight Tactics, from the huge colossus to the relentless student to the unpredictable mutant. What's really nice about this Set 6 is that in its current state it allows a lot of versatility in builds depending on what you like.

In total, there are 27 champion types in this patch of Set 6: Academic, Arcanist, Assassin, Bodyguard, Fighter, Challenger, Chemtech, Colossus, Clockwork, Cuddly, Enchanter, Enforcer, Glutton, Imperial, Innovator, Mercenary, Mutant, Protector, Scholar, Scrap, Sister, Sniper, Socialite, Syndicate, Transformer, Twinshot and Yordle.

The Colossus Type (1/2)

It's all in the name. Don't expect Yordles, these champions are HUGE... even colossal. If I tell you that Colossal champions have more power in addition to their large screen space, you can start to guess which champions fall into this category? The disadvantage of Colossus is that a character with this type takes up two slots in your game. On the other hand, only one of these heroes is needed to gain immunity to CC from Colossus .

type Colossus Set 6  TFT

With 1 Colossus, you gain immunity to CC for the character with this trait.

With 2, your Colossi suffer greatly reduced damage.

The list of champions Colossus TFT is quite short as it only includes 3:

  • Cho'gath (3), Fighter Mutant
  • Sion (4), Imperial Protector
  • Galio (5), Bodyguard Socialite

Our tips for the Colossus class from Set 6 TFT: As for the extra types or origins of the characters, I've put the Mobalytics image at the end of the article that summarizes everything! The fact that characters take two positions will work very well if you're trying to use xp to reach the most expensive characters. Also, choosing the Hextech "High-end shop" augment will allow you to get high tier champions more frequently. This will work very well for colossi and your end game carrys (Jinx, Kai'sa, etc.). On the first tests, Galio clearly stands out as a very efficient champion.

The Type Academic (2/4/6/8)

It's already early in the school year, but the lessons are not over yet. With this type of Set 6 TFT, you can accumulate effects on your whole team if that's what you want. How can you learn better than by watching your fellow students do it? This is the principle of theAcademic TFT which will boost its attack and skill damage every time a skill is cast by an ally.

type student academy Teamfight Tactics

List of TFT Student Champions and their additional traits :

  • Garen (1), Protector
  • Graves (1), Twinshot
  • Katarina (2), Assassin
  • Leona (3), Bodyguard
  • Lux (4), Arcanist
  • Yone (4), Challenger
  • Yuumi (5), Scholar Cuddly

Our tips for the Academic class from Set 6 TFT: Yuumi is coming to TFT and will give you a great support service. More details on the character in the champions section of Set 6 TFT. On the other hand, Lux will melt enemies if you manage to get her up thanks to her beam frequency and promises to shine or nerf before her live release. Beware though, Kai'sa counters quite well Lux in the sense that she can avoid the laser easily and carry her team. Also, Garen or Graves remain good elements to up at the beginning of the game by planning your synergies.

The Scrap Type (2/4/6)

The Scrap is above all a tinkerer. He has gold at his fingertips when it comes to tinkering with last-minute stuff. But what does this mean in practice when applied to Teamfight Tactics? Let's say that if you have incomplete items, they become finished for the duration of the fight depending on how many Tinkerer champions you have on the field corresponding to a bonus tier. The Tinkers in this Set 6 TFT also take pride in their work, so they get a HP shield proportional to the number of items carried by your champions.

Ekko Scrap  TFT

Here is the list of Scrap TFT champions:

  • Ezreal (1), Innovator
  • Ziggs (1), Yordle Arcanist
  • Blitzcrank (2), Protector and Bodyguard
  • Trundle (2), Combatant
  • Ekko (3), Assassin
  • Janna (4), Scholar and Enchanter
  • Jinx (5), Sister Twinshot

Our tips for the Scrap class from Set 6 TFT: Ezreal will easily fill the early ranged damage role and Blitzcrank hold in frontline for a while to help you defeat the opposing backline with the long range grab. Don't hesitate to drop items on them as early as possible as they will build full random items every turn. And once you resell them, you get your item pieces back. However, it's Jinx that will deal monstrous damage late game quite easily (18-20k for example). Jinx or Kai'sa combined with Yuumi will wreak havoc on the board. Also, combining Jinx with Vi, her sister is a very good option if you max the champion shooter. I don't know the quality of compositions Assassin yet so I can't recommend much on Ekko. However, Janna can also be quite useful in the Set 6 TFT.

The Innovator Type (3/5/7)

TFT Innovators act as builders. You know those character classes that make pets or defensive totems appear? In Teamfight Tactics'Set 6 , it's the Innovator type. These create a protective Metal Scarab that taunts and shields an ally when there are 3 of them. Once you get to 5, it's a mechanical bear that joins you. It offers a speed attack boost to all your allies. Finally, at 7 Innovator champions, it will be a mechanical Dragon with damage boost.

Set 6 TFT Jayce Shapeshifter

Here is the list of Innovator TFT champions from Set 6 :

  • Ezreal (1), Scrap
  • Singed (1), Chemtech
  • Zilean (2), Clockwork
  • Heimerdinger (3), Scholar and Yordle
  • Seraphine (4), Socialite
  • Jayce (5), Enforcer Transformer

Our tips for the Innovator class of Set 6 TFT: Seraphine is quite useful, as is Zilean. Ezreal will allow you to drop your items on it temporarily, just to boost your compositiona bit while you get the champions you want. Finally, Jayce is particularly versatile with its two forms. As a tank, don't hesitate to put him on one of the two frontline lines if you have taken the Hextech augment which increases the damage of those who are on these lines.

The Mercenary Type (3/5/7)

The Mercenary type is one of the champion types in Set 6 TFT that seems to have attracted the most curiosity from players. By reaching the 3 mercenary level on your board, you earn a chest. Before each battle, you will get 2 random dice results. The rewards dice results will be added to the chest and the longer you wait to open the chest the better the dice results will be. At 5, the Mercenary dice are tipped even more in your favour in the Set 6 TFT. And at 7 Mercenaries, it's almost no game.

Tahm Kench TFT Set 6

Here is the list of TFT Mercenary champions in Set 6 :

  • Illaoi (1), Protector
  • Quinn (2), Challenger
  • Gangplank (3), Twinshot
  • Miss Fortune (3), Sniper
  • Tahm Kench (5), Glutton

Our tips for the Mercenary class from Set 6 TFT: All of these characters can be useful to you at some point in the game. However, getting that Mercenaries bonus (even at 3) early in the game allows you to accumulate it better and better, and if you choose the Hextech augment to get richer and richer, you'll be flush with gold and rewards.

The Mutant Type (3/5)

The Mutant is one of the most innovative TFT types offered by Riot for its auto-chess. In this Set 6, champions Mutant will have a totally random bonus from a large list! It can be wobbly, versatile, but most of all unpredictable. Here is the list of bonuses for the Mutant TFT type:

  • Cybernetic Adaptation: Mutants wearing one or more items have their HP and attack damage boosted.
  • Ravenous Appetite: Mutant champions' attack damage and power in the field is increased by the death of an ally.
  • Bio-sangue: Omnivampirism is applied to all allies.
  • Scream of the Void: Low HP targets are executed by Void Mutants. At 5 mutants, this is raw damage.
  • Hyper-adrenal glands: Mutant champions can have 2 bonus attacks on their target.
  • Metamorphosis: For every two seconds elapsed in a match, Mutants grow and their armour, magic resist, damage and power increase. The metamorphosis is stacked a maximum of 5 times during a fight.
  • Synaptic web: Mutant mana cost is reduced (10 mana min.)
Kassadin Set 6  mutant TFT

Here is the list of TFT champions Mutant in Set 6 :

  • Kassadin (1), Protector
  • Kog'Maw (2), Sniper
  • Cho'gath (3) Colossus (it can be interesting to cumulate the two bonuses)
  • Malzahar (3), Arcanist
  • Dr. Mundo (4), Fighter Chemtech
  • Kai'Sa (5), Challenger

Our tips for the Mutant class from Set 6 TFT: Kassadin will be easy to augment for your Mutants. Malzahar can work in combo with characters like Lux or Ziggs. Mundo will be a good replacement for characters that you are not sure what to do with, even if he is only level 1. And finally, Kai'sa is once again a fairly OP character, who can avoid some assassins by moving quickly or even the devastating ultis of Lux or other mages/DPS.

The Chemtech Type (3/5/7/9)

These are the stubborn kind. Rather than give up, they prefer to lose HP to become stronger in this class from Set 6 TFT. Under a defined HP threshold, they get a boost in ATK speed, damage reduction and even HP regeneration per second depending on their max HP. For each Chemtech champion on the field, the duration of the effect will increase.

Obviously, the 9th champion Chemtech is not obtained with the list of champions of this type but by adding a type to another character in mid or late-game.

Mundo Teamfight Tactics mutant

The list of TFT champions Chemtech or chemtech is as follows:

  • Singed (1), Innovator
  • Twitch (1), Assassin
  • Warwick (2), Challenger
  • Lissandra (3), Scholar
  • Zac (3), Combatant
  • Dr. Mundo (4), Combatant and Mutant
  • Urgot (4), Twinshot
  • Viktor (5), Arcanist

Our tips for the Chemtech class from Set 6 TFT: Where Zac will shine in the mid-game, Urgot and Mundo can propel your team a little further. Think in particular about synergies in Mutant for Dr. Mundo or feed your Urgot with items if you build your team around it. It can work alongside a Jinx that you max, in which case the damage items will come first) the Jinx. The presence of a Singed in your team can also prepare the arrival of a Jayce.

The Yordle Type (3/6)

The little Yordles are going to wreak havoc with this Set 6 TFT. These little things multiply! 3 Yordles will make a random Yordle appear on the bench. This bonus will be repeated after each fight against a player opponent. At - Yordles, the mana cost of these little creatures drops significantly.

Vex TFT arcanist and yordle Set 6

Here is the list of TFT champions of Yordle type in set 6:

  • Poppy (1), Bodyguard (e.g. Leona )
  • Ziggs (1), Arcanist and Scrap
  • Tristana (2), Sniper
  • Lulu (2), Enchanter
  • Heimerdinger (3), Scholar Innovator
  • Vex (3), Arcanist

Our tips for the Yordle class from Set 6 TFT: Vex and Heimerdinger will act as carry, one with a tank build preferably and the other with power. Don't forget to adapt your builds according to compositions where tanks or assassins are more numerous. Moreover, Poppy can get you your first Bodyguard bonus with a Leona or, better, a Braum (which at level 3 offers 1000 damage with its skill and 6 seconds of stun!) Alternatively, to get some quick damage, Ziggs 's scrap metal guy can boost your composition in early before you sell it back with his Scrap TFT guy.

That's it for this list of TFT champion classes from Set 6 Gizmos & Gadgets and its tips. It's time to discover what we've learned about the heroes in this update... For those of you who would like to get into the TFT adventure but don't know enough about the basics of the game, we've put together a guide on how to play Teamfight Tactics, so that you don't miss out on any of the strategic phases. And finally, to make sure you don't miss out on any news about the game, here is the News page of the official website.

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