Mobile Games News Review #115:Harry Potter Magic Awakened, Brown Dust 2, Beta Dawnlands...

Mobile games news recap June 2023 n4

In this issue 115, we talk about the release of Harry Potter Magic Awakened tomorrow, the release of gacha RPG Brown Dust 2, the Dawnlands beta, the launch of MMORPG Zenonia Break in Korea, new info on Devil May Cry Peak of Combat and lots more mobile gaming news. Discover a maximum of Android and iOS gaming news in a single summary every week.

Release of Harry Potter Magic Awakened (HPMA) on June 27

Harry Potter Magic Awakened will finally be released on June 27. Get your wizard's wand and your postal owl ready to take your first steps at Hogwarts. Part trading card game, part role-playing game, Harry Potter Magic Awakened aka HPMA lets you choose your appearance, home, wand and outfit before embarking on a grand adventure.

Take courses, meet other players and develop a clever deck to overcome the solo or duo PvE and PvP battles that await you. The game is available in French, and from our experience of the game at JeuMobi, fans Harry Potter will be able to spend some good hours thanks to the fan service and the freedom of combat play, which refreshes the classic formula of static card placement on the field. Visit Harry Potter Magic Awakened on Android and iOS on June 27.

Release of Brown Dust 2 with cartridges and waifus

Beware of wild waifus with the release of Brown Dust 2 on Android and iOS. The Brave Nine license, or Brown Dust depending on the region, returns with strategic challenges and a healthy dose of nostalgia. In portrait or landscape mode, enjoy classic console gameplay with combat at turn-based and different graphic styles designed to take you back in time. On release, Brown Dust 2 presents an all-new 2D adventure with PvP and PvE combat at turn-based and a game cartridge system to discover right now on your smartphone.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat in open beta on July 6

Review your most powerful combos in anticipation of the full release of Devil May Cry Peak of Combat. If you want to warm up despite the save reset, the game will benefit from an open beta from July 6, allowing you to put your demon-hunting skills to the test as Nero, Vergil, Dante or Lady. Dive into the darkness from July 6.

MMORPG Zenonia Chronobreak to be released on June 27 in South Korea

Zenonia Chronobreak, originally named World of Zenonia, will finally get a release date, but it will be far from home. Com2Us' MMORPG with stylized 3D graphics follows in the footsteps of Summoners War Chronicles, with a South Korean-only launch on June 27. For this license born in 2008, a new opus means having an even larger universe but also depending on a virtual economy based on Com2Us' C2X blockchain ecosystem, which has already dug its hole on Lost Centuria and is looking ahead to Summoners War Chronicles. We'll keep you posted on a possible worldwide release for Zenonia Chronobreak in the coming months.

Next Beta phase: Warriors Trial for Dawnlands from June 25 to July 17

Enter a fantasy world with the Dawnlands beta from June 25 on Android. This adventure game for mobile and PC is currently in pre-registration, and will enter closed beta at the end of June under the name Beta: Warriors Trial. You'll need a key to access it, which you'll receive when you're selected if you pre-register and are drawn at random.

Single-player or multiplayer for up to 4 players, discover a colorful fantasy world full of freedom, crafting, building and action. This summer, travel to a friend's world or customize your own in Dawnlands' closed beta before the server closes on July 17.

Lucid Lenses now available on Android and iOS

FredBear Games' narrative game Lucid Lenses is available on Android and iOS for 3 euros. All watercolor painting and drawing, this virtual romance reveals the story of a couple who must juggle feelings and professional ambition according to the player's decisions. The story is also interspersed with some fifteen mini-games to vary the experience, and this cocktail of emotion is to be found right now with the release of Lucid Lenses on mobile.

Release of Daisho: Samurai Survival on Android and iOS

Fans of Gladiators: Survival in Rome have just been treated to a second go-round with the release of Daisho: Survival of a Samurai. This game takes the gameplay of Gladiators straight to skin feudal Japan in the Sengoku era. Mix martial arts and swordplay like a bloodthirsty samurai, gather resources, spit, explore and build your village to create a peaceful ninja haven you'll want to call Konoha. Discover a game with a historical ambience and RPG-oriented handling that will send you fighting alongside Nobunaga in free-to-play on Android and iOS.

Bloons TD 6 released as a Netflix mobile game

The excellent tower defense license Bloons makes its way into the Netflix games catalog. The release of Bloons TD 6 Netflix Edition shares the best of the license - a path to defend with your heroes and towers amid explosions and gunfire from all sides. Expand your arsenal with the knowledge tree and learn to master the subtleties of your firepower.

You can play solo online or offline, as well as in co-op with up to 4 players in public or private games. And to enjoy Ninja kiwi's game, you can get rid of ads and in-app purchases, as this version only requires a standard Netflix subscription. Go and discover the original and improved content of Bloons TD 6 Netflix or the completely crazy challenges imagined by players by testing community creations on Android and iOS.

New phase of test Monster Hunter Now at the end of the month

A few months ago, Niantic created a battery-devouring monster with Peridot. This time, the Californian studio is inviting you to slaughter monsters - but rest assured, not Peridot - in the new test phase of Monster Hunter Now at the end of June. This will already be the second round of closed beta on Android, with a limit of 10,000 participants.

All you have to do is register on the official website, be willing to play in English or Japanese, and keep your fingers crossed that you'll be one of the lucky ones. For those who aren't lucky enough to be selected, make the most of your summer, and Monster Hunter Now will be available worldwide in September, with its augmented reality monsters.

Release of Arena Breakout on July 14

Following the opening of global pre-registration on its official website, Arena Breakout is back in the mobile news with the announcement of its international release date of July 14. This slow FPS from Tencent follows in the footsteps of Lost Light, which itself wore the same shoes as Escape from Tarkov on PC. Highly anticipated by the mobile community, Arena Breakout has been in beta phase after beta phase for several months. On the eve of its release on July 14, the title already has 10 million pre-registered players, so why not you?

Dwerve in playable demo on TapTap

It's Tower Defense Day this week, in addition to Music Day. Netflix is grabbing Bloons TD 6 in its subscription and indie tower defense Dwerve released in May 2022 on Steam is currently available as an Android demo on TapTap. Wondering what we do in Dwerve? For starters, we're Dwerve. A dwarf tinkerer who's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Next, you land in a finely detailed pixel-art fantasy world that invites you to freely set up numerous turrets to repel hordes of enemies. Dwerve is a tower defense game with a light layer of narrative and exploration, but it's all about blowing things up with different turret placement and evolution strategies.

It's an excellent pocket game, with frequent checkpoints that prevent you from getting frustrated when the difficulty goes up a notch. If you haven't already done so, check out TapTap's demo on Android.

Release of Century Age of Ashes, the dragons' wild ride

Make sure you've got some thick thigh-high boots so you don't scrape your thighs on the flanks of your virtual fighting dragon. In Century Age of Ashes, released this week on Android and iOS, you select your fighting and racing mount and enter the arena to put other dragon riders to the sword in various PvP modes. It's French, fiery and lacking in optimization, but for those looking to turn up the heat this summer, there's nothing like a good big dragon in Century Age of Ashes on mobile.

Hearthstone Twist mode to replace Classic mode

In the process of being acquired by Microsoft, Blizzard doesn't just make good moves for its games, but ends up trying things all over the place. For Hearthstone, this translates into a lack of balance in the various game modes and the arrival this week of Twist HS mode to replace Classic mode.

In Twist mode, which will change regularly, you'll play as in Classic, but with a change following updates that will limit the series of usable maps or add or remove certain gameplay possibilities to force you to constantly adapt your strategy to a new meta . What's more, Blizzard is offering players the chance to watch Twist mode beta streams from selected streamers to win up to 9 card packs by dropping Twitch.

Project ME enters early access on Android and iOS

Panthea Games and Nuverse collaborate to bring Project ME to the world. Open-world and cozy RPG, this title enters early access by invitation. During this early access period, players will be able to explore the colorful post-apocalypse world of Project ME, fighting monsters with their chibi-like miniature character, building their home and attracting new survivors to their secret base to turn it into a thriving town with happy citizens, just like in Animal Crossing.

You can register for Project ME's early access on the game's official website while awaiting its full release on Android and iOS. Those selected for closed early access will receive an email on July 20 containing a download link.

[LEAK] An Animal Crossing-like HYG in the works at HoYoverse, perhaps cancelled like the FPS?

Hoyoverse and Nintendo are the subject of huge leaks on the web throughout the year, and are just as devoted to the leaked content strike. On Twitter this week, we saw screenshots of a HYG project by Hoyoverse that would look like Animal Crossing, a kind of cozy, relaxing RPG. We don't really know much about Hoyoverse's FPS project, which seemed to be gathering dust on the shelves, so we'll let you know more if this information is confirmed and detailed later by the Chinese company.

Tokyo Revengers 3D announced on mobile

There's no shortage of manga adaptations for mobile games. However, the shonen Tokyo Revengers had not yet been given the chance. The manga is finished, the anime season has reached its final episode, and it was time for a studio to bring this license to video games. It's Victor Entertainment 's turn, with a free-to-play RPG probably topped by a gacha system.

The game has no official title, no release date, although it is potentially scheduled for release in winter 2023 in Japan, and will be available on all media, including cell phones. Not much is known about the Tokyo Revengers mobile RPG, which is set to take up the original manga story and introduces us to some iconic characters in a tiny teaser featuring Takemichi, Mikey and Draken.

Release of indie game Fireball Wizard on Android and iOS

Welcome to Wizardonia. As a young sorcerer, hone your skills and unlock new spells to lay waste to the bosses who cross your path in Fireball Wizard. Through a multitude of ferocious enemies and varied environments, progress in a pixel-art fantasy adventure thanks to a short free demo followed by the full game for 5 euros. Fireball Wizard blends action, adventure, platforming and puzzles to give you a variety of personal brainteasers and nasty mob headshots on Android and iOS.

Dungeon Stalkers PvEvP game to be released this year

Were you dreaming of a Wish version of Dark and Darker on mobile? No, but it's here, and will probably be released in December 2023 under the name Dungeon Stalkers. In PvEvP, explore dungeons with your sword, shield and a pair of defensive melons. Planned for PC and mobile, the game looks a little shabby on animations, looks like a good asset flip and tries to copy-paste all its inspirations with a budget from a local bakery. I hope it looks better when released on mobile and PC, but most of the views on the trailer are there to mock, so don't expect too much either.

Pre-registration opens for Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

We continue with the opening of pre-registration for Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG. A gacha with a very pink and black art direction, it will push you to collect skills, weapons and outfits in order to improve your goddess. Hunt monsters and boost your power score in this hyper idle game of loot galore. Guardian Goddess doesn't try to be very original, but rather focuses solely on the reward system to keep you coming back for more.

Elemental Raiders soft launch

The Elemental Raiders card game begins its soft launch this week. In the field, deploy 3 heroes and the special skills contained in your deck in real-time PvP battles or PvE raids against formidable bosses. Collect new cards and improve your composition in Elemental Raiders, currently in soft launch in Argentina, Brazil, the Philippines, Spain and Mexico on Android and also planned for Steam.

A Good Day with Steam demo coming to mobile and PC

7 young troublemakers decide to go and steal fruit from the garden of their neighbors, the Crosbys, in the game A Good Day, currently in demo on Steam and planned for mobile and PC. In this asymmetrical multiplayer game, an eighth person will embody Mr. or Mrs. Crosby trying to stop the thieves in the act with all the tools at your disposal and your somewhat clumsy guard dogs. Cross-platform PC and mobile, A Good Day lets you play with or against your buddies in a hand-drawn graphic style.

Other news items of the week that didn't get a dedicated segment in this round-up include :

  • The launch of Dead Blood Survival FPS on Android and iOS;
  • debates about whether or not to bring back the E3 in 2024 or 2025;
  • Lumikai launches an investment fund for Indian video game studios;
  • You can take advantage of the Wild Rift drop box with an Amazon Prime subscription;
  • Pokémon Unite receives the arrival of Lézargus;
  • Ubisoft aims to dominate the triple-A mobile niche;
  • Fortnite x Nike partnership sees Airphoria;
  • Electronic Arts is undergoing a complete restructuring
  • and finally, The Division Resurgence will be released in December according to the App Store date, but in autumn according to the Ubisoft conference, so we don't know anything yet.

That's the end of review number 115, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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