Release of Peridot on Android and iOS, the tamagotchi from Niantic

Release of Peridot, mobile augmented reality game on Android and iOS by Niantic

After a low period since the arrival of NBA All-World and Pikmin BloomNiantic is launching a new AR game. The release of Peridot on Android and iOS delights fans of cute little creatures with a virtual pet collection and care system. Let's discover together this mobile game in enhanced augmented reality.

Discovering the gameplay of Peridot

The goal of Peridot upon release is very simple: you hatch a creature, your Peridot, and learn to care for it to give rise to new genetically varied generations. Each animal obviously requires a lot of attention, food and interaction with its owner. This is a virtual tamagotchi enhanced by augmented reality.

However, compared to some competitors like Pou on this market, at its release, Peridot does not have much to offer in its gameplay. The set clearly lacks mini-games or actions to perform in comparison (especially when you also know Pokémon GO) although it remains more complete than the improved pedometer that is Pikmin Bloom.

Screenshot of gameplay Peridot mobile
First Peridot outing on a tree stump
Release of Peridot, an augmented reality mobile game on Android and iOS
A tree parrot in the neighborhood forest

Hatch and care for your Peridot eggs to raise new generations of cute, mutant monsters. By genetically crossing your creatures, get a unique DNA and feed your inner need to explore the world. You can even unlock Peridot traits and archetypes with different possibilities. In addition to accumulating a herd of adorable virtual companions, discover the mysterious past of the Peridots all species to preserve.

You can test Peridot right now via App Store and Google Play Store on iOS and Android.

Augmented reality enhanced by the release of Peridot

In-game, place the Peridots in the environment by double-tapping the screen and watch as these little creatures run and roll across your floor, lawn, furniture or walls. The augmented reality, AR, is continuously activated for more immersion. For the release of Peridot, there is a real improvement in AR compared to the titles previously introduced by Niantic, which is very nice. Unfortunately, it also helps to greatly reduce your battery life during your daily commute.

Choice of the first creature of the game

In addition to the release of Peridot, Niantic's catalog will expand again with the arrival of Monster Hunter Now in September on mobile. Moreover, some other studios seem to want to enter the dance of mobile games in augmented reality since other proposals like Overbeast are already making their debut on phones.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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