Mobile Games News Review #122: Command & Conquer Legions, Delta Force, Kuroko's Basket...

android and ios mobile games news recap august 122

In this issue 121, we talk about a potential port of Dark & Darker on mobilea new game from the Delta Force Black Hawk FPS license, Tencent's takeover of the C&C license with Command & Conquer Legions and plenty of other mobile gaming news. Discover a maximum of Android and iOS gaming news in a single summary every week.

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Krafton acquires Dark and Darker mobile license

Let's start this recap with a big news item on the mobile port front. The fantasy extraction game Dark and Darker was recently released on PC with its own launcher and is receiving good feedback from players, despite the controversy surrounding asset theft. This week, Krafton, which you may know from PUBG Mobile and New State, is acquiring the Dark and Darker license from studio Ironmace for a mobile port.

Dark and Darker porting to Android and iOS potential

This is the story of an indie game that took the world by surprise and brought its medieval twist to the extraction shooter genre. Nothing has yet been launched on the production side, but given that Krafton declared a few months ago that the extraction shooter was the genre that represented the future of video games, we can imagine that Dark and Darker mobile will quickly find its place on Android and iOS. We can't wait to see this PvPvE experience come to life on smartphones, with crazy single-player and three-player games. Incidentally, Krafton is already working on its own extraction shooter, Project BlackBudget.

New Delta Force Black Hawk mobile and PC game

Now it's Tencent's turn to explode teaser bombs with its Level Infinite showcase at Gamescom, currently taking place in Cologne. Many of you are outraged to see so many RPGs and gacha and so few good FPSs in our mobile news. But this time, the Delta Force franchise is back... in force on all supports, PC, consoles and mobile. Delta Force Black Hawk will be presented as a realistic, free-to-play war simulation.

In PvP, take to the road on fully destructible maps, take control of numerous vehicles and set off on historic missions on any terrain. If you're feeling the hype, get ready for the game's crossplay launch in 2024. It's a rather distant return for this license, whose original game dates back to 1998 and was played a lot in cybercafés in China. TiMi Studios, which is in charge of development, has even organized a playtest of this new opus by the former development team.

Tencent announces Command & Conquer: Legions in CBT in France next month!

Tencent continues its cascade of announcements with Command & Conquer Legions, the next title in the RTS license of many a gamer's childhood. Thanks to an agreement with Electronic Arts, this new game will be released on mobile with canon units and lore featured in a new story, PvE, PvP and modernized gameplay.

You'll soon be able to fill your pockets with Tiberium as Command & Conquer Legions enters closed beta in France, Oceania, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines on Android. Don't forget to pre-register on the game's official website and follow the recaps to make sure you don't miss out on any mobile news.

Release of Danmachi: Battle Chronicle on Android and iOS

Danmachi Battle Chronicle mobile has finally been released on Android and iOS. Plunge into the heart of the Dungeon and battle demons, minotaurs and various monsters to become a great warrior as Bell Cranel, from familia Hestia, one of the major characters in the story.

This free-to-play RPG has been developed in 3D for greater immersion in the world of Orario, and in addition to exploration, features a number of epic battles in a variety of modes. In particular, you can try out the Magic Stone Competition mode, a Battle Royale featuring eight players. Battle Chronicle is available on Android and iOS right now for those who want to enter the life of Bell Cranel and try to conquer the heart ofAiz.

Exclusive Japanese Kuroko's Basket Rivals mobile goes into pre-registration

Anime licenses still have a bright future ahead of them on our phones. However, some titles take a long time to reach us, sometimes several years, and some don't cross borders without a VPN, like Fullmetal Alchemist, one of the most eagerly-awaited games for phones.

This time, it's the sports license Kuroko's Basket that's getting a game called Rivals in Japan. This adaptation of the hugely popular anime will feature real-time games, a character control switch and a full 3v3 basketball simulation. You'll find the iconic Kuroko's Basket characters, with unique skills for your line-up if the game makes it to Europe. The title is only at the pre-registration stage, and we hope to talk to you again soon if a worldwide launch is in the offing.

Samurai Showdown mobile game to be released via Netflix

Netflix continues its expansion on mobile. The American company's catalog of games includes Samurai Shodown, which will join the list of titles available on stores on August 29. This will be an opportunity to test SNK's side-view fighting game against AI or other players at a lower cost. With your usual Netflix subscription, you'll be able to access the game this fall on the Appstore and Playstore at no extra cost.

Release of Brixity by Devsisters studio

The Korean studio Devsisters, responsible for our favorite cookie gacha on the phone, is back with a brand new experience. Its city-building sandbox game, Brixity, debuts on Android and iOS this week. It's time to rebuild the land in your image and create a haven for its inhabitants, your precious little Pipos.

As the architect of this new world, you'll be able to make everything in Brix, from blocks to colorful, kawaii LEGOs, and even visit your creations in 3rd-person immersion. You'll even be able to swap your most successful blueprints with the game's community and bring hope back to your Pipos. For its launch, Brixity has its own reward link with Cookie Run Kingdom, and as yet has no French translation. The Devsisters studio title is available now on stores.

Idle RPG Overmortal released in EU and NA

Overmortal has just been released on Play Store and App Store. The release of this idle RPG is reserved for North America and Europe, and brings a refreshing Asian touch to our shores. Overmortal puts wuxia fantasy, martial arts and AFK systems from rewards at the heart of the experience.

Between battles, boost your power with crafting, a cult to join and even a romance with another player. The other player will then embody a companion in your ascension and come to your rescue if things go wrong. You can test Overmortal on Android and iOS free of charge.

Release of BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions

The RPG BattleRise: Kingdom of the Champions completes its worldwide launch under the control of Sodigital. In this classic-looking title, the Lord of Death invades the world of Eos, and only you can save him. As you collect heroes and learn to master your composition at turn-based, you'll progress through endless PvE dungeons with roguelite modules and more broadly through the main adventure. As well as battling against the environment, you can craft stuff and experience PvP in the arena. Magic, monsters and treasure await you in BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions on Android and iOS.

News from ZZZ and Gamescom Live

At the Gamescom opening live event, HoYoverse showed off its colors before following up with an exclusive trailer for its upcoming title Zenless Zone Zero, known to fans as ZZZ. The urban fantasy game has no release date as yet, although we already know that it will be released on PC and mobile. What's more, the rest of the Chinese studio's catalog will be coming to consoles, so it's safe to say thatHoYoverse is thinking big for the future of its licenses.

Tarisland's second closed beta launches in November

MMORPG Tarisland is back in the news with the announcement of a second closed beta. During the Level Infinite showcase, Tencent revealed to the world its plans to launch a new test phase for Tarisland in November on mobile and PC. If you missed the images of the game, which draws on the legacy of World of Warcraft, I recommend you watch the entire Level Infinite showcase, which is a real eye-opener.

Assassin's Creed Jade's second closed beta and the reveal of an unexpected name... or not

Speaking of second closed beta rounds, we've got another challenger in the mobile news. It's Assassin's Creed Jade, the first fully mobile-ported opus in the assassin license, which will soon benefit from a second beta for selected players, with no specific date. It's back-to-school time for test mobile phases. I can't help but mention the bizarre announcements from a number of Asian studios.

Sometimes I wonder if it's just a translation problem or culture shock. And other times I think I must be a complete idiot and miss something. This week, I've got a good one. Assassin's Creed Codename Jade has revealed its ultra-secret name... and will now be called Assassin's Creed... Jade. Is it just me, or did everyone know that a year ago when it was announced? But you don't call your game a code name plus something to reveal that it's the name of the game. So, big announcement, the mobile game Codename Jade is called Jade. Thank you press releases and pro conferences.

Release of Wish Us Luck interactive game

Welcome to Wish Us Luck. Here, three strangers with very different lives have their destinies turned upside down by chance, and you'll have to make the right choices to benefit one of them without bringing down the others. It's all a question of balance as you move forward.

With a good dose of suspense and several denouements to discover, Wish Us Luck convinced its public by winning the Best Mobile Game award at the BIG 2022 festival. Wish Us Luck, available in English, offers replayability by varying the choices you make. Chapter 1 is available free of charge, but the full game costs 4.50 euros.

SuperEvil MegaCorp working on a Rebel Moon game for Netflix

With the Gamescom opening live, we also caught a glimpse of teasing for both parts of Rebel Moon, a film signed by Zack Snyder that will debut on Netflix in December and end in 2024. To support this cinematic production, Netflix is offering a Rebel Moon video game produced by SuperEvil MegaCorp, the creators of Vainglory and Catalyst Black.

Given the respective track records of Netflix and SuperEvil MegaCorp in terms of videogame production, we can expect Rebel Moon to become a cross-platform project between PC and mobile, but we'll tell you more about this Star Wars-inspired title soon.

Release of Six Ages 2 Lights Coming Out, the crossroads of narrative gaming and tribal management

Already teased in our previous recaps, Six Ages 2: Lights Coming Out has finally been released on iOS and PC. Scroll, make decisions and keep your tribe alive through time and the turning points of history. Six Ages 2 is available for 10 euros on iOS for fans of Bitlife-style titles. You can find all recent mobile game releases on our dedicated page.

Floodrush development halted

In addition to all the new mobile game births, the team also received a death letter from Supercell, effective immediately. As habits die hard, Supercell, which at the beginning of the year reiterated its good resolutions to get its production games out the door, has finally brought its demons to the surface.

In a letter to its community, the Finnish developer and publisher finally announced the death of Floodrush, with a heavy heart and a certain expertise in its wording. After all, that's Supercell's specialty. Farewell to Floodrush, which falls short of Clash Mini standards, and welcome to the Super Graveyard, between the deceased Clash Quest and the half-reanimated zombie ofEverdale. Rest in Peace.

Teaser for ProjectMugen by NetEase: an impressive blend of genres

Chinese publisher NetEase had widely teased its urban open-world RPG and a reveal on August 24. The game's official website presents all the media and information about its title, but remains very secretive about the details of the adventure. In fact, somewhat by accident, on the concept page of Project Mugen's official website, the JeuMobi team came across a hidden link to a page with a mysterious atmosphere.

The only rule on the page is to find the username and password required to access the rest of the content. But if you try to get around the rules by spamming the Enter button enough, you get a congratulatory message in Chinese for passing the exercise. If you manage to go further and find another step, add your reply to our JeuMobi account tweet.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure to be released on September 6

Next up is Seven Knights Idle Adventure with its release date. Scheduled for September 6, this launch will bring a new title to the Seven Knights license, which recently lost one of its titles to closure. The release calendar is already jam-packed with back-to-school releases, so don't miss our recaps.

Netflix announces a mobile game... Love is Blind the game

Reality shows come and go, and no two are alike. My favorite concept, however, is the show L'Amour Fake, which is all about torturing contestants with deep fakes. Entertainment at the cost of human suffering, that's a fine historical trend that takes on its full meaning in reality TV. But it's another, more romantic show that's been given its own mobile game adaptation: Love is Blind.

In a choose-your-own-adventure, go on blind dates to find love, just like in the original show. It's a little softer than Too Hot to Handle, but we know in advance that it could make for ads with extreme stories like the traditional problems of risky pregnancies with strangers in mobile game ads.

2023 Community Days calendar Pokémon GO

To help you get back into the swing of things and optimize your champion Pokédex, JeuMobi has put together a complete calendar of Community Days Pokémon GO until the end of the year, which you can find in our description and on our website in our detailed article on upcoming in-game events for trainers.

The 6th Broken Sword: Parzival's Stone game announced on mobile

The old-school point-and-click adventure of Broken Sword, or the Knights of Baphomet, continues in a sixth episode imagined by Revolution Software for release on console, PC and mobile. This opus returns with more modern technology, thanks to the application of hand-made 2D graphics to 3D geometry, as seen in films such as Klaus or Arcane, and which Revolution Software calls Super 2D.

In-game, George and Nico find themselves thrust into the heart of a plot full of treasure hunting and plotting in Cathar lands to find the Grail, in the region of Montsegur. I spent my vacation there last year and didn't find the Grail, but you can surely do better than me in Broken Sword: Parzival's Stone, which has just been announced for mobile.

ESPORT SUPERCELL - Samuel Bassotto finishes champion of the Clash Royale League 2023 & Repotted Gaming wins the ClashMSTRS Gold 2023

I'd like to take this opportunity to update esport with two Supercell results. First, Repotted Gaming wins the ClashMSTRS Gold 2023. Secondly, Samuel Bassotto was crowned champion of the Clash Royale League 2023 in August. Find out more about the tournament results and the decks that brought victory.

Multiplayer fighting game OutRage, inspired by Streets of Rage, scheduled for mobile in 2024

Multiplayer fighting game Outrage plans to release on PC, consoles and mobile in 2024. Studio Hardball Games unveils their first game inspired by Streets of Rage. In-game, the underground fighting scene has grown considerably. Taking Tn product that gives superpowers, fighters can let off steam in destructible environments across several game modes in solo and team play.

Outrage doesn't yet have a release date on Android and iOS, but we'll keep you posted in future reviews.

Temporary closure of SAO Variant Showdown

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown joins the long list of closures for 2023. Like Autochess MOBA, SAO Variant Showdown has decided to close its doors temporarily rather than permanently. The aim is to take a break to resolve issues frequently raised by the community before reopening on the stores. This is just a goodbye.

Metal Slug Awakening released on SEA

Next, we take a short detour to Southeast Asia for the regional release of Metal Slug Awakening. The 3D version of this must-have shoot'em up developed by TiMi Studios will at least bring a touch of nostalgia to local gamers, otherwise it's time to arm yourself with your best VPN.

You can play Metal Slug Awakening in SEA for free on Android and iOS.

Play with shadows in Luminaria Forgotten Echoes pre-order on iOS for 1 euro

Studio Crescent Moon Games is now opening pre-orders for Luminaria: Forgotten Echoes. This title with its minimalist aesthetic is quietly preparing its launch, all poetry and subtlety. The puzzle game decides to give you the power over light and shadow to progress through the various levels. Luminaria is now available for pre-order at 1 euro on iOS for those who feel like playing the peaceful, thoughtful master of darkness.

News zapping

Several major news items didn't get a full segment in the recap, but I'm going to take a look at a few of them in a quick zap.

  • Mario's official English voice, Charles Martinet, is retiring. It's not him anymore, Mario.
  • Motorsport Manager 4 opens pre-registration;
  • Dungeon Hunter 6 gets a sneak preview at Gamescom ;
  • Apparently, this week was Hideo Kojima's birthday (after all, why not, it's Gamescom);
  • On Twitter, we saw a merch giveaway contest and an announcement of live concerts by Genshin Impact in 2023 and 2024 all over the world, but not in France of course;
  • Drifter: A Balloon's Adventure, a children's platformer, is scheduled for release in September on iOS ;
  • The Razer Edge handheld console arrives in France at the hefty price of 500 euros ;
  • The Playstation Portal, which will even work on a wifi network other than your home network, gives details of its price and launch this week;
  • Phil Spencer confirms Xbox's mobile ambitions for the future, including the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King;
  • Players Pokémon Unite were able to discover Mimikyu's moveset in advance thanks to leaks ;
  • Once Human will soon be in beta again (Q4), but not on mobile ;
  • Tower of Fantasy exceeds 83 million revenues and 7 million downloads in one year;
  • Eggy Party will be released in SEA on September 8;
  • Lilith Games launches season 2 of Call of Dragons entitled Chaos Reigns;
  • The shooting game THRUD: Broken Haven from Bilibili is released in China;
  • Undawn releases its Desert Fury update with an immense arid expanse to explore and extract hidden treasures ;
  • Farlight 84 unveils a whole roadmap of new features in addition to its console port ;
  • Omega Strikers begins Season 2: Summer Splash at the end of summer;
  • Korean studio Devsisters is looking ahead to Europe, as announced by Chis O'kell at Devcom 2023;
  • Sony is trying to acquire Audeze, a high-quality audio technology ;
  • And finally, Space Ape Games is preparing the launch of its Country Star game, which is entering pre-registration, but is not maintaining its other Beatstar game very well.

That's the end of review number 122, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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