Black Clover mobile, the GTA trilogy and Warframe mobile are coming up: this week's roundup of mobile games

JeuMobi round-up of mobile games news with Black Clover, One Piece DP and AFK Journey

In this round-up, find out about the opening of pre-registration for the Warframe mobile beta, the release of Black Clover Mobile Rise of the Wizard King, the arrival of the GTA trilogy as a Netflix game, the forthcoming release of One Piece Dream Pointer in China and lots more.

The best mobile games releases and pre-registrations, from Black Clover mobile to the GTA trilogy on Netflix

Mobile phones are filling up this week with some big releases. To round off your collection, you've got KICK 24: Pro Football Manager, Titan Quest Ultimate Edition and Dark Slayer AFK RPG. The most assiduous of mobile gamers will also be interested in the other releases and pre-registrations not to be missed this week.

Release of the mobile games Black Clover and GTA Triogy Netflix

  • Release of Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King: This gacha RPG published by Garena came as a pleasant surprise to many gamers. Based on the Black Clover anime, the game follows the adventure ofAsta and his comapgnons on their way to the coveted role of Mage Emperor. The title is available free on Google Play and App Store.

  • Release of the GTA trilogy on Netflix soon: It's not clear whether San Andreas and the other individual GTA games will disappear from the stores or not. We'll have to wait until the release date on 14 December to find out and get our hands on this exclusive from the Netflix catalogue.

  • Release of Hitman Blood Money - Reprisal: Reprisal is a redesigned version of the classic game, featuring an Instinct mode, a mini-map, joystick or on-screen control and creative missions. This release celebrates IO Interactive's 25th anniversary in style, and you can try it out for 15 euros on Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Pre-registration opens for Chrono Travelers: With no release date yet, this futuristic world promises to be a co-op open-world filled with monsters to fight, friendly spirits and adventure. Pre-register now on Google Play.

A new page is written and another is turned. This week also sees the closure of Eroica on 22 December, alongside the RPG Hero Cantare, Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia in February 2024, Crash Fever, Maika Fantasia and other Japanese games.

On the pre-registration front, there's also the shooter Phoenix II on Google Play and the MMO Revelation M. Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road has been pushed back to 2024. However, to console yourself, all you need is a VPN to test the soft launches of the MMORPG Miracland Saga and Adventure Friends.

Test phases galore for Warframe mobile, AFK Journey and OPDP

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in mobile gaming, you can't afford to miss out on the test phases. So we're taking a look at the beta, early access and alpha releases coming soon.

OPDP, AFK Journey et Warframe mobile betas dans le récap JeuMobi

  • Warframe mobile pre-registration for its closed beta on Android: The Tennos-populated TPS was already in closed iOS testing last year, and Android players will soon be able to enjoy it too. Interested players can create a Warframe account on the game's website.

  • One Piece: Dream Pointer enters closed beta in China next month: Netmarble's One Piece: Dream Pointer is the next officially licensed title based on the famous manga by Eiichirō Oda. Get your VPNs and straw hats ready, One Piece: Dream Pointer invites you to its closed beta in China after the adventures of Bounty Rush and Treasure Cruise.

  • AFK Journey enters closed beta on Android and iOS: Players who registered for the AFK Journey closed beta before 2 December will be able to enjoy the game from 6 December.

Industry news: partnerships, patents and awards of the year

In addition to the new releases, Google and Apple are giving awards to the games of the past year. These include Honkai Star Rail, Lost in Play, Farlight 84 and Vampire Survivors. What's more, we'll soon be holding our Mobi Awards, where you can support your favourite games by casting your vote! Here's a round-up of this week's news from the video games industry.

Controversy over Wild Rift's Sivir and the AI voice

  • Partnership between Sony and NC Soft: Sony's promised 'tsunami of licences' is a little overdue. To speed things up and gain a strong foothold in mobile gaming, Sony decided this week to team up with the South Korean company NCSoft, known for Lineage, Aion, Guild Wars and its current project Throne and Liberty.

  • A failure for Wild Rift on the Sivir teaser: One detail of the Sivir teaser did not escape gamers. Its name in the official video was mispronounced. The community immediately thought it was an AI, but it wasn't an AI, it was a professional voice-over actor. The reason for his mispronunciation was simply a lack of clear instructions from Riot, who apologised on the game's official account, promising that it would never happen again. AI false alarm.

  • EA files patent to encode player voice: Electronic Arts filed a strange patent this week. Nowhere near as straightforward as Amazon's employee cages, it leaves more to the mystery of interpretation. On the diagram shared by VeryAli Gaming, we can read several elements such as a synthesiser, a voice converter and a vocoder. The idea would be to allow players to embody their character in-game by transforming their voice into another.

Despite the mixed results of the ByteDance branch, Marvel Snap will not be affected by Nuverse's decision to turn away from gaming, according to its developers. And the surprise of the week goes to Assassin's Creed on PC, whose recent games have been subject to pop-up ads due to "a technical bug", according to Ubisoft.

The latest major updates for Android and iOS

It's already time to check out all the Christmas updates. But some developers still haven't decided which gifts to put under their players' virtual Christmas trees.

Mobile game updates: ToF and Among Us Indie Cosmicube

  • Cosmicube update for Among Us: The famous game of betrayal and friendship destruction for the most susceptible people is getting a big update this week. The update includes A Hat in Time, Céleste, Behemoth, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Untitled Goose Game and Undertale, with cosmetics to be unlocked in up to 3 months.

  • Tower of Fantasy is planning a complete overhaul and possibly a re-release: The 'co-creation' plan shared in a Bilibili article involves dealing with current bugs, as well as rethinking the characters, mechanics, exploration and many other aspects of the game based on player feedback.

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