Release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle: experience a fantastic epic!

release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle

The Cookie Run saga welcomes a new opus with the release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle this week. In this game, the cute cookies do everything they can to escape from the witch's castle in a breathtaking and innovative puzzle game. Discover the secrets of the castle, meet new cookies and break blocks to escape!

Release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle: an innovative puzzle game

Devsisters Corporation is expanding the Cookie Run multiverse with a brand new puzzle game. Following on from the runner game Cookie Run: Oven Break, the city-builder and adventure RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom and the match-3 Cookie Run: Puzzle World, come and discover Cookie Run: Witch's Castle, a tap blast puzzle game, from Friday 15 March 2024.

The principle of the game is very simple: destroy groups of three or more blocks. The larger the groups of blocks, the faster you can complete the objectives on each level. There are plenty of boosters to help you get through the more complicated levels, but you can also rely on the special skills of your cookies. Each cookie has a unique skill for the release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle. All you have to do is choose the cookies that best suit your style of play and help you overcome the difficulties that stand in your way!

Cookies available at the release of Cookie Run Witch's Castle

The announcements for Cookie Run: Witch's Castle also featured epic, interactive boss battles. In these battles, the tiny cookies will take on bosses as varied as the castle's cat in some very difficult battles.

Cookie Run: Witch's Castle
Cookie Run: Witch's Castle

Cookie Run: Witch's Castle: exclusive cookies and housing!

Successful completion of the levels will earn you stars, which you'll need to unlock rooms in the castle and continue your exploration. This isn't just a game in which you simply move from one level to the next, because there's a real story behind this puzzle game. In fact, Cookie Run: Witch's Castle will feature 26 different cookies, including some you may have seen in other Cookie Run games.

26 cookies will be available

The game also lets you customise the castle with thousands of different decorations. Once you've progressed far enough in the game, you'll discover the immensity of the castle, and you can even assign a specific room to the cookie of your choice.

release of Cookie Run Witch's Castle : housing

As new updates are released, you'll be able to discover new worlds and never-before-seen exclusive cookies, such as the Grand Hotel receptionist cookie. New levels and bosses will be released regularly, and maybe one day we'll be able to take on the Witch?

To find out more about the release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle, watch the replay of the game's launch showcase. You'll find lots of exclusive images and exclusive testimonials from the developers.

At, we can't wait to embark on this new experience at the release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle, which reminds us a little of Pokémon Café ReMix in its gameplay. We think that, like Cookie Run: Kingdom, this new game will be a great success, thanks to its highly-developed narrative aspect and infinite customisation possibilities.

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