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Summary of the latest Brawl Stars update

summary MAJ Brawl Stars

The Brawl Stars community should get their pens and papers out, as a new update has arrived. As usual, there's a whole bunch of new features and balancing, with some big, but also some small changes. For those who are allergic to numbers and are lazy to read the whole patch note, we decided to offer you a little gift: a recap of the latest Brawl Stars update.

For those who prefer to read it all by themselves, we direct you to the official patch note. For the rest of you, buckle up and get on the wagon! At first glance, there are fewer new features than in the previous Brawl Stars patch. But as any good gamer knows, small details make big differences.

It's the start of season 4!

Summary of the changes on Brawlers in the last update

Lou has arrived with this latest Brawl Stars update. This ice-loving snow robot doesn't look like much with his blue overalls. However, he has several weapons in his arsenal. Without hindsight, it is difficult to evaluate its power with a precise summary. But just for his good mood, he is worth the diversions!

  • Main attack : casts 3 snowballs that apply a frost mark. They inflict a maximum of 532 damage and stun the target for 1 second with enough mark.
  • Super : Sprays syrup on the ground, making the area slippery. This skill is useful, but does not deal damage.
  • Gadget : Lou freezes himself to become invulnerable. But during this time, he can't do anything... So it's a double-edged sword.
  • Star power : the super also applies gel marks, helping to activate the stun.

The other Brawl Stars characters are experiencing a rather quiet update. Summary of minor balancing :

  • Amber : Reduces his speed from very fast to normal. The damage per second of her attack is also reduced (2400 to 2000). With these little nerves, we should see less of her in the future.
  • Summonses : now follow their owners, if no enemies are on the map.
Maj Brawl Stars

New skins with this update

What would a Brawl Stars update be without new skins ? The latest update honours the tradition by introducing new cosmetics.

  • King Lou;
  • Mike Baggage handler;
  • Nani Sally;
  • Polly Choco;
  • Max Cony.

For King Lou and Mike Bagagiste, you need to reach tiers 70 and 1 of this season's Brawl Pass. All the more reason to buy the Season 4 "Seasonal Getaway" pass.

map creator, summary of the changes in the Brawl Stars update

Summary of the map creation mode with this Brawl Stars update

Introduced in the previous Brawl Stars update, this customizable game mode continues to grow. Created maps can now be published and played by other players. There are 4 distinct phases: draft, submission, approval and publication.

Before a possible publication, at least 50% of the invited players (out of a minimum of 10 votes) must approve your map. So you'll have to put out your best publicity campaign! 😉

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