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Format and results of the TFT Worlds tournament

TFT Worlds: the format and the qualified players

With Teamfight Tactics Set 7 arriving in June, it's time for the last major competition on Set 6.5. From April 29 to May 1, 2022, the best player...

TFT Patch 12.7: the Worlds 2022 update

TFT Patch 12.7: the Worlds 2022 update

As the Teamfight Tactics Worlds Championship will take place in 2 weeks, Riot Games has just published the patch notes of the TFT 12.7 update. Le...

TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights : classes, new champions and Hextech Augments

TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights : new classes, champions and Hextech Augments!

Freshly landed on the live servers this February 16, 2022 after 2 weeks in PBE, the TFT set Neon Nights aka 6.5 promises great festivities. Let's...

Trailer set Gizmos & Gadgets TFT

Cinematic of Set 6 : launch of TFT Gizmos & Gadgets

Since its arrival on the servers of test , the new TFT set has already been the subject of much discussion. But it was time for it to be opened t...

Invictus Gaming champion League of Legends

Invictus Gaming signs 3 pro players on TFT

Invictus Gaming knows its League of Legends universe inside out. The Chinese organisation, world champion in 2019, is one of the heavyweights of...

TFT World Championship 2021

8ljaywalking TFT Worlds 2021 champion

It took a hair's breadth, or rather a small self-attack, for a Frenchman to be crowned Teamfight Tactics World Champion again. But the RNG gods d...

TFT Patch 11.4: balancing, nerfs, buffs, new features of the update

TFT Patch 11.4: balancing, nerfs, buffs, new features of the update

TFT patch 11.4 is out today and big changes are in store. Some very, very heavy stuff is coming to the game and the current meta will be shaken u...

TFT Fates Championship

TFT Fates Championship: all about the competition

The TFT Fates Championship kicks off in April and the best tacticians will face off against each other for the chance to win the title. There wil...

mobile games Riot Games Shurima

Mobile gaming Riot Games : roadmap 2021 (LoR, TFT and Wild Rift)

It's hard to move in the video game world without knowing about Riot Gamesthe American-Chinese behemoth. As the originator of several successful...

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