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Tower of Fantasy Claudia guide: Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Claudia guide: Build, matrixes and teams

Tower of Fantasy Claudia fights with Guren, a physical DPS SSR sword. The weapon will be able to deal heavy damage to enemies, charge the weapon energy gauge quickly, but most importantly apply physical resonance if you play it with another such simulacra. However, to perform, Claudia will need at least her first constellation. In this guide we explain how to play and equip Guren,Tower of Fantasy Claudia's weapon. Thanks to our tips and tricks, you'll know which dies to assign to her to get the best build, but also in which teams to play her.

How to get Guren, Tower of Fantasy Claudia's weapon?

Guren is an SSR weapon. You can only get it when Claudia is featured in an event banner. You then have the possibility to buy a copy of her weapon directly in exchange for Flame gold.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia's profile

Claudia's first banner was rolled out during ToF 1.5 Update on September 15 and will be available until October 5, 2022. To get it, you'll need Red Nucleus and therefore as many Dark Crystals as possible.

How to play Guren, Tower of Fantasy Claudia's sword?

Guren is a DPS type and will be played mostly as a main DPS. She will be able to charge your weapons thanks to her particularly high Charge score of 12. As for Shatter, it goes up to 7.5.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia

We advise you to start the assault with Claudia's weapon. Especially since it has physical resonance. If you play at least one other physical simulacra than Claudia in Tower of Fantasy, you will increase the damage of physical weapons by 15% and the physical resistance by 25%.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia's normal attack

Claudia has good damage multipliers with her normal attacks. The fifth one will inflict 225% of the ATK damage, plus the 425 base points and will throw the target.

Tower of Fantasy Guren Competence

But it is especially with Roam, Claudia's skill, that you will do a lot of damage. You will inflict quick attacks on all enemies and reduce the damage you take by 50% at the same time. The skill has only a 15-second cooldown, so you'll be able to do it regularly.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia's discharge

Claudia's weapon in Tower of Fantasy will also deal massive damage with Unbridled Flood, her discharge. As a bonus, you will be immune to all debuffs for 5 seconds. You'll then activate the Physical DPS passive Grievous. This will do 20% more damage to enemies for 7 seconds.

Claudia's Constellations

Tower of Fantasy Claudia is unfortunately not a free-to-play friendly character. It's only when she unlocks her first constellation that she becomes really powerful. With this constellation, as soon as you hit an enemy with a skill or a discharge, you get an 8% damage bonus for 25 seconds. This effect can be cumulated up to 3 times, which means up to 24% more DPS.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia Constellations

With the C2, you increase its ATK by 16%. C3 grants a 10% physical damage buff and a 15% fracture buff. Less interesting, the C4 boosts HP growth by 32%. The C5, on the other hand, gives you a 25% skill damage boost after hitting an enemy with a skill or discharge.

Finally, with C6 the damage of skills hitting the same target is no longer reduced and after using Guren's skill or discharge, all targets with war wounds within 8 meters gain 1 more war wound charge. So, to take advantage of Tower of Fantasy Claudia's potential, you should at least unlock her first constellation.

Which matrixes to equip on Claudia to have the best build?

The best matrixes set to equip on Tower of Fantasy Guren, is none other than the 4 pieces of Claudia matrixes set.

Claudia's Matrix
Claudia's Matrix

With 2 pieces, it increases the damage by 13/17/20/23% when you hit a target in the air. The double jump is reset when you hit an enemy in the air.

And with 4 coins, hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of all your weapon skills and boosts the damage of discharge skills by 58/80/103/126% for 15 seconds.

Crow Matrix
Crow Matrix
Shiro's matrix
Shiro's matrix

If you don't have this set, you can start with 2 Crow matrixes to inflict more critical damage to enemies with less than 60% of their HP or 2 pieces of Shiro set. The latter increases damage and fracture to targets with more than 50% of their HP.

Sobek Matrix
Sobek Matrix

As a free-to-play alternative, we offer you Sobek's 3-piece set. This set of dies will increase the damage inflicted (up to 27%) to the enemies surrounding you.

Activate Claudia's awakening

Tower of Fantasy Claudia's awakening abilities will not gain you DPS, but will allow you to take less damage. Once you reach 1200 points, you will become invisible after dodging for 1 second. And with 4000 points, this buff will work for 1.5 seconds.

Claudia's awakening abilities

To increase your friendship, you will have to offer gifts to Claudia's simulacra. We recommend you to give Angela snow globes and decorations, which are worth 80 points. You can also give him Warren's fossils, Aida's comics, angel of nothing figurines, Peanut's limited figurine or Hykros' 3D puzzle. These items each earn 60 friendship points.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia weapon upgrade materials

To mount Guren,Tower of Fantasy Claudia's weapon, you will need the following resources:

  • Rockcores, then Hearts of summit. You will find them by breaking ores;
  • Nano coating I and II;
  • Nanofiber frames I and II.
Guren Upgrade materials, Tower of Fantasy Claudia's weapon

You can obtain these materials from password chests, but also by completing Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Explorations, placing an Omnium beacon, or by acquiring them in the Weapons Shop.

In which teams should Claudia's sword be played?

Claudia performs mostly because of her physical resonance. She will lose interest if you don't play her with another physical character. For the moment, ToF only offers two: Shiro (SSR) and Bai Ling (SR). You will do much more damage with Shiro.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia

We recommend that you play Tower of Fantasy Claudia with Shiro, and then a support character who can heal like Zero (with his C1), Nemesis (C1) or Cocoritter. In this team, Shiro will be the one to break shields. His fracture rate will be higher if you have his C3.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia

That's it for this Tower of Fantasy Claudia guide. Guren is one of the best weapons for DPS and is particularly fun to play. However, this is only true once Claudia's first constellation is unlocked. Also, you will hardly be able to play her without Shiro (until more physical SSRs are released) and she needs her constellations as well. So, Claudia requires a certain investment to enjoy her full potential.

If you're still short on DPS, be sure to check out how to increase your CS count in ToF as well as our tips and tricks in our Tower of Fantasy beginner guide.

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