Mobile Games Recap | Week of 4 to 10 July 2022

Mobile games news of the week 2 July 2022

Check out the weekly recap of mobile gaming news on Android and iOS for the week of July 4 to 10, 2022! On the agenda this week: a Destiny game on mobile, pre-registrations for The Division Resurgence, the beta of Harry Potter Magic Emerges, Subway Surfers Tag and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read all about it below. ⬇️

New mobile games of the week and announcements

1️⃣ Let's start this recap with the announcement of a Destiny game on mobile. Bought out earlier this year by Sony for over $3 billion, video game studio Bungie is embarking on its first FPS on mobile with the porting of Destiny. Several leaks on various platforms continue to confirm this low-key production of the game with a collaboration between NetEase and Bungie for a brand new adventure. Based on a brand new mobile game engine developed in-house over the past 2 years, this new title in the Destiny license will have to live up to the many successful FPSs on mobile to make it to market in a few months... or years.

2️⃣ On the AAA game developer side, Ubisoft is stepping up its game with The Division Resurgence on mobile. The title gives news this week with a first trailer. At the same time, the opening of pre-registration allows us to measure the interest of the public in this opus on Android and iOS which will serve as a prequel to the two PC games. The story may go all the way back to the origin of the virus in this post-apocalyptic world, and you'll be able to take part in single-player or co-op missions to get the most out of The Division Resurgence, even though the title doesn' t yet have an official release date.

3️⃣ King, the developer of Candy Crush, offers the release of Rebel Riders, a PvP game with cartoon car clashes. Far from the colorful and peaceful candy-filled match-3 we know, this title reveals the backstory of our abandoned toys. After appearing in Toy Story and enduring much trauma, the lonely, neglected toys have finally gathered in a dark place underground to take part in arena battles and prove their true worth under the streets of New York. Between colorful explosions and dynamic combat, you'll choose a unique driver and vehicle and work your skills to achieve victory. The game is already available on TapTap if you can't wait for the worldwide release to hop in your plastic tank and take part in toy death matches.

4️⃣ Among the most anticipated mobile games at the moment is Harry Potter : Magic Emerges, whose beta leaked this week. Available in Europe and the US, this test phase opens the doors of Hogwarts to new players, although I haven't managed to access it yet. This strategic card game is gearing up for a worldwide release before the end of the year, while Marvel Snap is preparing a TCG twist on the Marvel multiverse.

5️⃣ After a limited alpha in May and a long teasing on social networks, Noah's Heart announces its worldwide release date. Scheduled for July 28, 2022, this release will actually be faster in some unknown European countries for now, and players living there will be able to access the full game from July 14. So get ready for some great adventures in the steampunk and medieval fantasy world of Noah's Heart this summer.

6️⃣ This week saw the release of the Idle RPG Heroes of Crown. Following a short pre-registration phase, this colourful gacha unveils a short trailer Cinematic to showcase its heroines' best features. With 3D anime graphics, this title doesn't reinvent the genre but may convince some players to switch to a new gacha for the summer.

7️⃣ On the pre-registration side of things , Soccer Manager 2023 is opening its access to interested players. With 16 years of experience in the license, the studio Invincibles knows how to produce a football team management game. In Soccer Manager 2023, the official licenses are still in place and a new Create a club game mode is introduced to create your club and manage your shirt customisation as well as players and coaches. In addition to the improved graphics, this opus will offer a more varied experience.

8️⃣ With the launch of its match-3 in the Philippines, the Subway Surfers license continues to expand its influence. This week, it's the game Subway Surfers Tag that's making news. This Apple Arcade exclusive offers new freedoms on the iconic terrain of the original game. Get off the tracks and try to tag as much as you can without getting caught by the cop and his robots. By accumulating combos, objectives and shooting the robots, you will have to try to finish each arena, despite the increasing difficulty.

9️⃣ The release of Yu-Gi-Oh: Cross Duel on mobile comes as a surprise this week after an announcement in July last year. In Canada, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, this new standalone title in the Yu-Gi-Oh license sees players battle it out in a 3-way battle. Cross Duel is expected to be released in other countries soon, and it's no surprise to see a new Yu-Gi-Oh game hit the TCG market after the launch of Master Duel a few months ago helped Konami achieve its best year ever in terms of revenue.

🔟 No more drip-feed information about Summoners War Chronicles' gameplay as Com2Us' MMORPG will soon be released in Korea. On August 16, 2022, the game will be available on Android, iOS and PC in Korea after a beta in Thailand last March. In Korea or armed with your best VPN, you will be able to choose among the 3 characters offered to compose your team of three monsters by respecting the elements and skills of each. Even if the monsters from Sky Arena will be present, some of them have undergone important modifications for their integration in the MMORPG.

Key updates this week

1️⃣1️⃣ We attack the week's updates with the leak of the new mobile exclusive Apex legends and the trailer for the new Distortion season. Of the 14 planned legends, 8 legends from the original version of the game are planned and only one exclusive legend has already been released as Fade at the launch of the mobile port. The leak of the new legends features working names of the legends: Amphere, Botanist, Monkey King, Seeker, Spider and DJ also called Rhapsody. With the release of the trailer after this leak, Legend Rhapsody has been confirmed, but nothing more is known about the other legends in the leak. Simply, this leak also indicates the upcoming start of the single player and duo modes.

1️⃣2️⃣ Season 4 launch of Rocket League Sideswipe brings a medieval atmosphere to the arena. This season 4's new play area, Eggscalibur, is located inside a castle and benefits from large, colourful stained glass windows. The new Rocket Passintroduces the Battle Axe and Mage's Hat as accessories, while the Mad Mutators game mode installs its variable style and the Basket mode returns. Random gameplay settings influence gravity, ball bounces and vehicle jumps. With player voting this mode will be fixed in a version that players will vote for each weekend.

1️⃣3️⃣ Although not as big as 3.0, the Genshin Impact 2.8 update will be released on July 13. In addition to some teaser images of the Sumeru region, we find out in the latest livestream that 3 heroes will be rerun on the event banners of this update and that the only new character will be Heizou, a 4-star Anemo character. Genshin Impact 2.8 will also be an opportunity to revisit the Golden Apple Archipelago with new quests and unique temporary summer content.

1️⃣4️⃣ The first expansion for Gwent: Rogue Mage has been released on PC and mobile. With this new content centered around the single-player mode, The Witcher universe expands for 10€ as a standalone game. In fact, Rogue Mage aims to return to its roots by getting closer to the original mini-game found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This expansion is the first for the game so far and is presented as a roguelike setting for new monstrous adventures. The game map is automatically generated and each defeat will take you back to the start in pure game over style. In terms of progression, Rogue Mage offers you to discover the story of the mage Alzur, one of the founders of the Wizards, between moral choices and fierce battles for about 30 hours of gameplay with the achievements to unlock. Even if Gwent is not the most popular card game, it has the merit to have its own dark universe and to make you wait until the release of Marvel Snap, the next major TCG .

1️⃣5️⃣ Finally, with Summer Game Fest behind us and Gamescom at the end of August, where the JeuMobi team will be going to follow the announcements on site, E3 is back in the spotlight before it is forgotten and announces its return in 2023. As expected, this edition will take place in a hybrid format between IRL and virtual in June next year. This way, we can finally compare the attractiveness of E3 to that of Summer Game Fest for professionals in the video game industry.

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