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All about "The Shift", the big Summoners War update

The Shift Summoners War

Summoners War announced it, this Sunday July 26th at 6am (Paris time), we were entitled to a live update concerning the biggest update since the launch of the game. The Shift (the name given to this update) allows us to see what will be added to SW. You can watch the replay at Twitch.

Since it lasts more than 3 hours, we have detailed in this article all the additions of The Shift and with a bonus at the end of the article, the gift codes that were given during the live event!

A new dungeon in the Dimension Hole

The recently released Dimension Hole allows you to awaken certain monsters a second time and obtain ancient runes. It already consists of three dungeons, but a new monster will appear: The Predator of Dimensions.

Illustration Dimensional Predator

This is a very high difficulty dungeon and it will be necessary to fight it manually. During the fight, you will have to face an intermediate boss and then the final boss, against which the fight will take place in three stages.

Monster stats greatly improved!

I have to say that this is one of the biggest surprises of this live on Summoners War ! The stats of attacks, defenses, HP and speed of monsters will be multiplied by 10 ! Illustration with an example given by Com2us below.

This new advantage balances the final stats as it increases the base stats and not those assigned by the runes. It also allows you to focus on strategies and avoid playing hard.

Other information about this new dungeon

However, this dungeon will only be available once a month, otherwise it could create a big inequality between players. It is important to note that the rules for entry will respect those of the dungeon in which it will appear.

The skills of the Dimensional Predator from update The Shift

The Predator of Dimensions has new skills for Summoners War.

NamePhaseDescription Competence
Extortion keyCommonInflicts damage to the target ignoring damage reduction effects and steals all beneficial effects on the target
Endless painCommonAttacks all enemies and deals two continuous damage effects with no turn limit
Grudge rash (passive)CommonOnce the boss receives five hits, activate an energy ball. When three energy balls are activated, attack the enemy target to reduce its attack power and defence for 3 turns.
Dimensional transcendence (passive)CommonBecomes immune to attack gauge reduction and glancing blow chance increase effects. Attack effects in proportion to HP are reduced.
Reproduction of souls (passive)When moving to a new phaseReproduces the souls of the enemy with the highest attack power and defence into illusions. If these illusions are not removed within 25 turns, the attack power of the boss is greatly increased. This skill activates when the boss's HP reaches 70% and 40%.
Eye of the jailerPhase 2 Additional SkillsAttacks all enemies and monitors enemies for 1 turn. Steals 10% of the HP of enemies getting a turn while on watch.
Curse of rage (passive)Phase 3 Additional SkillsPlaces a 3-turn curse on the enemy that inflicted the most damage. The target's damage is doubled and it must die when the curse ends. If the cursed target dies, then the curse will affect another monster for 3 turns.

As can be seen, these skills are new and promise a rather difficult boss to beat.

This boss is made to find the pleasure of turn-based combat.

The different rewards of the Dimensional Predator

The rewards also promises a very nice progression in Summoners War, as when the boss is defeated, it will be possible to open two special chests.

The two chests of rewards The Shift

The first chest

The first chest allows you to obtain one rune from among 5 legendary 6* runes. The player is free to choose the appropriate rune.

The runes will change according to the dungeon in which the boss will appear, this allows a natural rotation of the runes.

The second chest

The second chest allows you to obtain grinding stones, gems, magic stones, ancient rune ores and much more rewards.

The different changes in the Cairos Dungeon of Summoners War

It's time to announce it, The Shift tells us that Cairos Dungeon will see two new bosses and a new rune feature. We'll start with the two new bosses.

Steel Fortress

This dungeon has a new boss, "The Tormentor", which promises a lot and his skills promise a great challenge.

NameDescription Competence
Steel FistAttacks all enemies and reduces their attack speed for 2 turns
Strike of the ThunderboltAttack the enemy target three times and reduce the attack gauge by 30%. If it reaches 0, the target is stunned for 2 turns.
Lightning (passive) Whenever a fifth enemy ends, attack a random enemy with a lightning strike. Attacks up to 4 times in proportion to its own attack power. Also stuns the enemy with a 25% chance of beneficial effects on itself and stuns it for 2 rounds if it deals a critical hit.
Steel Will (passive)Increases its own attack power each turn for 1 turn. Also increases its critical rate and places a shield on itself equal to 10% of its HP and increases its defence for 1 turn. Reduces enemy attacks received by beneficial effects by 20%.
Fortress of Steel Summoners War The Shift

This boss requires a good strategy to defeat him. We have created a guide on SB10 to defeat it! 🙂

Punisher's Crypt

This dungeon has a new boss called "The Ancient Judge" who also has new skills.

NameDescription Competence
Sword DanceAttacks all enemies and reduces their attack gauge by 30%.
ConvictionAttacks the enemy target 7 times and absorbs 20% of its attack gauge.
Judge's Sword (passive)When the Ancient Judge reaches one of the rounds named below, his skills are enhanced:

5th round: Sword Dance increases up to 3 times depending on attack speed.

10th round: Increased effects of Condemnation either, up to 100% depending on his attack speed.

15th round: All attacks ignore up to 100% of the enemies defence depending on attack speed.
Retrograde (passive)Reduces up to 70% of damage received from enemies based on attack speed. In addition, recovers one turn when receiving an attack gauge reduction effect.
Punisher's Crypt Summoners War The Shift

One of his skills makes him more powerful when he reaches a certain number of turns. You have to use a good strategy to prevent this. He will also have the highest attack speed of all Summoners War bosses. Feel free to check out our guide to PB10.

Artifacts as a reward in Summoners War

Once these two bosses have been defeated, a new element of Summoners War can be obtained: artefacts. Surely one of the biggest changes in this major update of The Shift.

These artefacts reinforce the main properties and give advantages to the sub-properties. They are divided into two types:

  • attribute artefacts : fire, water, wind, light and darkness ;
  • artefacts of types: attack, defence, pv, support.
Artifact locations in Summoners War The Shift

This means that artifacts of a certain attribute will have to be applied to monsters of that same attribute. A new feature to enhance your monsters!

Artifact properties in Summoners War

The main property of an artefact can be of 3 types (HP, Defence, Attack), but it can be increased up to +15.

Base ValueEnhanced valueImprovement +15
PV +160601500

Sub-properties are also added when moving to the +3, +6, +9, +12 row.

Here is the number of sub-properties according to the grades of the artefacts.


These similarities are reminiscent of the runes already present in the game, but there is something special about these artefacts.

Let's see for example the skills, which the artefacts offer, increase in majority contrary to the runes. Here is an example that Com2us offers.

CategoryTypeDefault enhancementMaximum improvement
Artifact of typeCritical damageBetween 3 and 6%.30 %
Artifact of typeCareBetween 3 and 6%.30 %
Artifact of typeAccuracyBetween 3 and 6%.30 %

The properties then increase significantly at the maximum level.

Artifact drop rate

Here are the floors where you can drop Summoners War artefacts (Y = Yes and X = No) according to their rarity.


This corresponds to the rate of runes to be obtained in the Cairos Dungeon.

Artifacts are used to obtain reinforcements on the strengths of Summoners War monsters.

Other changes in the Cairos Dungeon of Summoners War

Two floors are added to the dungeons of the Giant's Castle, the Dragon's Lair and the Necropolis. These floors will have better rewards than the previous one and for floor 12, only 6* runes will be obtained. The rate of obtaining legendary 6* runes is twice as high as in floor 10.

B11 and B12 of Summoners War The Shift

In addition, all the attributes of the floors in the Giant's Castle or other dungeons will be the same. Of course, the attributes will be different depending on the dungeon. For example, all floors in the Giant's Castle have water attributes.

Gift codes given away at update The Shift

There have been different gift codes to thank players for being present on the update The Shift live and for making the game evolve, here is the list:

  • quizwater: a scroll dattribut water ;
  • quizwind : a scroll wind attribute;
  • quizfire: a scroll fire attribute;
  • theshift: two scrolls mystics;
  • swdevilmon : a devilmon.

For more codes and how to add them, go to our list of codes for Summoners War.

And that's it, the summary of the big Summoners War update The Shift ends here! You now have all the info to prepare for this new era of SW.
The release date for update is July 31, 2020 😉

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