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Strategy and team to pass Dislyte chapter 12-8 in Easy mode

Strategy and team to pass Dislyte chapter 12-8 in Easy mode

Dislyte chapter 12-8 is a pretty big step because of its difficulty. Ideally, having top tier espers like Clara, Unas or Gabrielle makes the fight much easier. Since there is little chance of having them at this stage of the game, here is our guide to defeating the last story level in easy mode without them.

Dislyte chapter 12-8 Battle Progression

The final battle of Dislyte chapter 12-8 is in 3 parts. First, you start by facing 5 enemies. Using attacks that deal damage to multiple enemies is a very effective strategy for getting through this wave quickly.

The first part of the fight in Dislyte chapter 12-8

Siegfried then appears to poison your espers and lower their defense. Prevent him from applying his debuffs with the immunity buff and all will be well. Once defeated, Sieg transforms.

Sieg's transformation, the final boss of Dislyte chapter 12-8

Now the heroes get 3 stacks of poisoning. Siegfried has more area attacks and his monocible offensives will constantly target the esper with the least life. He inflicts debuff, drops defense, but also becomes a buff blocker. Finally, the boss removes all buffs from a target with his basic attack. In short, if you are not well prepared, Sieg will destroy your team.

Dislyte chapter 12-8 recommended espers

Having level 40 espers is the minimum to pass this Dislyte chapter 12-8. These are simple heroes to obtain and we advise you to use them. Obviously, if you have espers of a higher rarity that can perform the same strategy, don't hesitate to use them.

Chang Pu's immunity buff is essential

Chang Pu must have received 3 ascensions to apply an immunity buff and be your primary healer. She is equipped with a Wind Walker set. Give priority to the speed then the HP% for the attributes of your relics. For the x2, a tenacity set or a sylvan spirit are very good.

Ye Suhua helps to overcome Sieg's attacks

Ye Suhua will help your team to survive thanks to her buffs and debuffs, so take the time to unlock her. As for relics, sets and attributes, we recommend the same as for Chang Pu.

Li Ling and Tang Xuan are very good DPS to defeat Dislyte chapter 12-8

The Legendary Esper obtained in the Beginner benefits banner is your primary DPS to get through Dislyte chapter 12-8. Equip him with the Hades, the Chapter 8 Reward Set and an Sword Avatara Set.

Zelmer offers many debuff to weaken the boss of Dislyte chapter 12-8
Drew, a secondary dps for Dislyte chapter 12-8
More defensive, Berenice has its share of usefulness to pass more easily the Dislyte chapter 12-8

The defense debuff significantly increases your damage and shortens the fight. Drew and Zelmer are two offensive options that can apply it, while Berenice remains more defensive. Give a War Machine set to Drew and Zelmer, and an Fiery Incandescence, Sword Avatara, or Master Grove Set for x2. For Berenice, equip her as Chang Pu and Ye Suhua.

Celine can remove the debuffs from your team
Eira is very useful to pass the Dislyte chapter 12-8

For the last hero, complete your team according to what you have in your possession. If you find that your team lacks damage, add an esper fighter. In support, Eira or Celine will dispel your team's debuffs and reduce the boss' action points.

Some final tips for finishing the easy mode

Play Dislyte chapter 12-8 in the manual. Before Sieg's transformation, attack his human form only with basic moves when his life is low enough. By doing so, your espers will have all their abilities to start the final battle well. Your team must also have an immunity buff to survive the boss attacks and poison ticks. Then try to apply your debuffs on Siegfried. Ideally, put a defense malus on him before attacking him.

Dislyte chapter 12-8 guide is complete. We hope that with our help, you were able to defeat Sieg in easy mode and get to the next difficulty. Feel free to share your experience with us in comments and check out our Dislyte tips to continue progressing in the game. Finally, we remind you that for more comfort, you can play Dislyte on your computer.

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