The Best Mobile Game of 2022 - Mobi Awards Results

Best Mobile Game 2022 - Mobi Awards 2022 Results

After several weeks of polling, the Mobi Awards 2022 results are finally in. Let's take a look at the competition, the games you liked best in each of the six categories, and the game you voted as the best mobile game of 2022.

The Mobi Awards 2022 process

Before we reveal the Mobi Awards 2022 results, let's take a quick look at how the competition for the best game of the year works. First of all, in the run-up to the event, we got together with the team to determine which games would be included in each category, with the instruction to select only games released in 2022.

Mobi Awards: vote for the best mobile game of the year

Voting took place over the past few weeks on the YouTube channel and our Discord. First, you elected the best game in each of the 6 categories in different polls. The winners competed three by three for the semi-finals, and the last two games were decided in the grand finale.

The best mobile shooter of 2022

In the first category, shooting games, opposed T3 Arena, Lost Light, NERF: Superblast, Wild Arena Survivors and Apex Legends Mobile. Not surprisingly, the Mobi Awards 2022 results put Ubisoft's mobile adaptation of BR well ahead as the best mobile shooter of the year.

Apex Legends Mobile has dethroned everyone else with its highly dynamic gameplay, which allows players to jump, slide, use special skills, and even do all three at the same time, all set in neat futuristic settings. If you've never tried this must-have game, check out our beginner guide to get started in the iconic Battle Royale.

Best Mobile Shooter 2022 Mobi Awards - Apex Legends

The best mobile RPG of 2022

Let's keep moving through the Mobi Awards 2022 results with the second poll, in which you had to pick your favorite RPG of the year. You had the choice between Undecember, Octopath Traveler, Polygon Fantasy, Tower of Fantasy and Torchlight Infinite.

Again, if you keep abreast of mobile games news, you won't be surprised to discover that Tower of Fantasy has crushed the competition. Its exploration mechanics and combat system charmed many of you, and rightly so.

Play as an amnesiac recruit in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world and vary your simulacra compositions to find your unique fighting style. We've even written a Tower of Fantasy review if you want to know more.

Best Mobile RPG Mobi Awards 2022 - Tower of Fantasy

The best mobile multiplayer game of 2022

Let's move on to the third poll of the Mobi Awards 2022 results, which is the election of the best multiplayer game on Android and iOS. We selected Hot Lap League: Racing Mania!, Autochess MOBA, Flash Party, Catalyst Black and Crossout Mobile.

Each of the 5 games has had its moment of glory, but it's the recently released Autochess MOBA that's made its competitors fold. Downloadable for free on Android and iOS, the game already features 25 champions, all of which are available at release without spending any money. Autochess MOBA is heavily inspired by its big brother DOTA and its cousin League of Legends: Wild Rift.

There are different mechanics similar to DOTA, like the item carrier or the day/night cycle. Even if it doesn't bring anything new to the MOBA genre, Autochess still puts pressure on similar titles thanks to its well-thought interface and the neat design of its characters. To find out which are the best heroes of the game, visit our Autochess MOBA tier list.

Best Multiplayer Mobile Game 2022 Mobi Awards - Autochess MOBA

The best indie mobile game of 2022

For the fourth category of the Mobi Awards 2022 results, we're mostly talking to purists, with your best indie mobile game of the year among Isle of Arrows, The Past Within, One Hand Clapping, Skies of Chaos and Scourge Bringer.

Tower defense Isle of Arrows put up a good fight, but it's my personal favorite Skies of Chaos that comes out on top. Developed by Netflix and available with its subscription on Android and iOS, Skies of Chaos is a shoot 'em up with a lot going for it.

Its dynamic and colorful gameplay offers excellent gameplay sensations and you won't get lost in the menus, as they are very intuitive. Fly to the rescue of the exiled rebels through the different levels, but beware of minions of General Guenillard who will not let you.

You can even choose your exact play style from dozens of pilots, co-pilots, planes and skills of all kinds. Far from micro-transactions and repeated in-game ads, Skies Of Chaos will challenge you from the very first levels and let you discover if you're a gamer who likes a challenge.

Best Mobile Indie Game Mobi Awards 2022 - Skies of Chaos

The best mobile gacha game of 2022

The fifth category of the Mobi Awards 2022 results allowed you to select the best gacha of the year among Figure Fantasy, Dislyte Awaken: Chaos Era, Infinite Magic Raid and Disney Mirrorverse.

Dislyte received more than half of your votes and stands out as the best gacha of the year. Lilith Games' disco pop RPG is enhanced by its ambitious art direction, but it's the sound design that really stood out for most players.

The Dislyte music varies from menus to boss fights and ranges from hip-hop to disco to jazz. In the manner of a classic gacha, compose your team and defeat monsters, each more dangerous than the last, to obtain a maximum of loot.

Each character is associated with a Chinese, Scandinavian or Egyptian mythological figure. So take the opportunity to brush up on your classics. As an Autochess MOBA, Dislyte doesn't add much to the genre, but is among the best thanks to the care given to every detail. Find out more about the game in our Dislyte review. And if you already know the game, check out our tips in our guides available on the Dislyte tips page.

Best mobile gacha Mobi Awards 2022 - Dislyte

The best mobile strategy game of 2022

Before we get to the results of the Mobi Awards 2022 semi-finals, there is one last category to be revealed. For the best mobile strategy game of the year, you could choose between Clash Mini, Football Manager 2023, Marvel Snap, Phobies and Yu Gi Oh! Cross Duel.

Of course, Marvel Snap is the one that wins with a large part of the votes. The game gets rid of all the complicated mechanics that can be found in the most famous TCGs, like Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra.

The gameplay of Marvel Snap is based on original, well thought-out and extremely addictive mechanics. The game has a slot system that directly affects the course of the game in a unique way. In addition, these slots, called locations, are regularly updated and force players to adapt their decks and this allows the meta to be in constant evolution.

Marvel Snap is available for free on Android, iOS and PC. If you missed out on the best TCG of the year, check out our tips and tricks in our Marvel Snap review and our best decks tier list.

Best Mobile Strategy Game Mobi Awards 2022 - Marvel Snap

Mobi Awards 2022 semi-finals results

Now that we have our winners in each category, it's time to move on to the Mobi Awards 2022 semi-finals results. In the first poll, it was Electronic Arts' battle royale, Apex Legends Mobile, available for free on iOS and Android, came out on top against Tower of Fantasy and Autochess MOBA.

The second semi-final was between Dislyte, Marvel Snap and Skies of Chaos. With two thirds of the votes, Marvel Snap, available on Android, iOS and PC, joined Apex in the final of the competition.

Mobi Awards 2022 final results

It's finally time for the Mobi Awards 2022 results with the grand finale, which pits the wildly popular card game Marvel Snap, against the mobile adaptation of the famous battle-royal in FPS, Apex Legends Mobile.

Mobi Awards 2022 final results

In a much closer poll than in the semi-finals, you chose with 55% of the votes to crown Apex Legends Mobile as the best mobile game of the year 2022. See you next year for a new edition.

Best Mobile Game 2022 Mobi Awards - Apex Legends Mobile

Here are the Mobi Awards 2022 results. The whole JeuMobi team would like to thank all the participants who made the event live on Discord. The year of mobile games was marked by adaptations of existing games like Apex, new IP like Tower of Fantasy or Dislyte, but also original titles of popular IP, such as Marvel Snap.

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