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Guide Tristana ADC Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Tristana ADC Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

In the League of Legends universe, everyone knows the Yordles. These little magical beings are not very big in size, but you shouldn't rely on their cute appearance. They turn out to be real war machines when played well. This is the case of Tristanathe gunboat Yordle. With its skill set it has a huge amount of damage and melts the life out of its opponents effortlessly. This guide Tristana ADC Wild Rift gives you all the secrets of the champion and allows you to aim for the top of the leaderboard in LoL: Wild Rift.
In this guide, we will have the opportunity to discuss the mechanics of reset of Tristana, its role as a siege weapon and the ambivalence of its ultimate skill.

Recommended build for Tristana ADC: items, runes and skill order

The itemisation of Tristana is not a headache. This hyper-carry shooter is looking for damage, more damage and more damage. Give her AD, critical hits and attack speed to shine. However, like all ADCs, Tristana has a very fragile profile. You should therefore not hesitate to provide him with a minimum of resources to increase his survivability at the end of the game.

Recommended build Tristana ADC Wild Rift
A build that fits the classic ADC itemisation.

Which build for Tristana ADC Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: The Infinity Blade (damage and critical hit) is the first item to buy. This ADC classic is the item that surely offers the most damage at Tristana. It is recommended that you purchase this item along with a Ghost Dancer (shield) and an Ultrafast Cannon (range bonus), both of which increase attack speed and critical strike chances.
  • Boots: Tristana needs the Gluttonous Legs and the sustain they offer. The Quicksilver enchantment and its purge are then a must for shooters. A spare wheel is always welcome to get out of a dangerous situation.
  • Situational items: theGuardian Angel is not revolutionary, but its second life remains useful in all circumstances. Then, we advise you to make a choice between the Deadly Recall (armour penetration) or the Dance of Death (damage reduction) depending on the opponent's composition.

Which runes for Tristana ADC Wild Rift?

  • Main rune: there are two schools. The more conservative school favours the Legwork rune for sustain and better lane holding. The other solution, more aggressive, is to play with the Electrocution rune and its extra burst.
  • Secondary runes: Tristana is late-game oriented and Threatening Storm is the best choice over time. A bit by default, we then appreciate the Spirit Guardians (resistance to slowdown) and Genie Hunter (skill acceleration) runes.

Which skills should be improved first?

Tristana ADC must improve its Explosive Charge skill as a priority. This skill allows you to inflict good damage to champions and structures alike. Next comes Rapid Fire which greatly increases attack speed and finally Rocket Jump. This skill is very useful for fleeing, but its effectiveness does not increase with rank.

How to make good use of the skills of Tristana in EDA?

Precision shooting
Precision shooting (passive)
With each level gained, the range of Explosive Charge and Impact Shot attacks increases passively.
Rapid fire
Rapid fire
Tristana greatly increases its attack speed for a brief moment.
Rocket jump
Rocket jump
The small gunboat leaps in the desired direction. As it falls back, it injures and slows down enemies in the impact zone. If Tristana is involved in an elimination, it refreshes the recovery time of its jump.
Explosive charge
Explosive charge
Tristana places a bomb on an enemy or a turret. The bomb explodes after a while and the damage is increased by the extra attacks before the explosion (max 4). Passively, the enemies that die, create a mini-explosion that hurts other enemies nearby.
Impact shooting
Impact shooting (final)
The Yordle fires a huge cannonball that wounds an enemy and pushes him back in the opposite direction.

Tristana has a clear game plan, and to maximise damage, you need to follow a specific order. Firstly, attach an Explosive Charge to the desired target, then activate your attack speed bonus with Rapid Fire to boost the damage of the explosion. To help you finish the job, feel free to board with Rocket Jump or use Impact Shot as a finisher. Be careful to calculate your shot though. Jumping is also a good way to escape and you don't want to push an enemy in a bad position in a direction that would save their life!

Retrofit of the ultimate skill of Tristana in Wild Rift
Beware, impact fire can put your target through a wall!

In lane phase, Tristana in ADC on Wild Rift can suffer at first, due to its low range. Rather than trade, its purpose is to quickly push waves of minions with the passive and active skill of Explosive Charge. Your opponents will then be forced to respond to the push rather than mess with you. This skill also allows you to quickly knock down towers and provide gold to your entire team.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy with Tristana Wild Rift: Lulu
Tristana + Lulu + Pix = big damage.

Lulu is a perfect partner in duolan. In addition to bringing two Yordles together, the two champions benefit greatly from each other. As a base, Tristana has enormous damage, but once she is accompanied by the little magician, her potential explodes even more. In addition, Lulu offers a welcome extra security to survive against assassins. So don't hesitate to look for this synergy in the draft phase.

Counter from Tristana ADC Wild Rift: Who should we watch out for?

Draven: counter Tristana Wild Rift
Draven is synonymous with a difficult lane phase.

Tristana starts the game with a relatively low range. This deficit can put her in difficulty and the gunboat can suffer against very strong picks in early-game. Draven in particular will make life very difficult for her. CorkiThe second one, to a lesser extent, is a rather perilous match-up, but the latter is not so common in botlane.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Tristana ADC Wild Rift

We have not yet discussed the reset mechanics of Tristana. The latter is not always easy to master, but it makes the difference between the very good Tristana and the others. The champion's rocket jump is a versatile tool, as useful offensively for hunting as it is defensively for fleeing. As the recovery time is cancelled if the Yordle gunner participates in an elimination, it can be interesting to jump aggressively, take a kill, and then reposition yourself backwards. This is a risk that requires a certain speed of execution and a good knowledge of your damage. But this strategy opens up a lot of possibilities.

Jump from Tristana Wild Rift
The jump from Tristana also allows it to pass through many walls.

Finally, the ultimate skill can be used like Lee Sin's Dragon Rage. The shooter is less mobile, but you still have the option of bringing an enemy champion back to your team by chaining Rocket Jump, then Impact Shot. This alternative "bug" will please fans of the beautiful game.

We have already reached the end of this guide Tristana ADC Wild Rift. You are now equipped and ready to make sparks fly on the Summoner's Rift. It's up to you to blow away your opponents and quickly climb the leagues in Ranked. 😜
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